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[Review] Rick Owens (LNIE), Acne Studios (TopAcney), Cav Empt (Various Sellers)

Hey guys,
140 lbs
Size 30 length 29 waist in pants
Size S in shirt/outerweashirts
Size 8-8.5 (42/42.5) in footwear
Package size: 6.2kg (extra stuff for others was inside package, will not be reviewed)
Carrier: EMS
Price: 97.18 USD to Canada
Timeline: 16 days from dispatch to door, usually takes about 5-6.
WeGoBuy Service and Communication - 9/10
Always super satisfied with my service at WeGoBuy, pictures are good if given detailed instructions and they are very careful about making sure they find any flaws with the items (stains, rust, etc.) I’d appreciate some extra features on their site but so be it.Pros: Beginner friendly, easy interface, kind and helpful agents, quality checking for flaws is awesome.Cons: Shipping price, paid detailed pictures.
Cav Empt Overdye Tee| [W2C]
Copped in a medium in both colourways.
**Quality - 9/10*\*
The blank quality is incredible, a bit on the stiff side but a very nice fit and colour to it. The stitching came with no loose threads, and tags were sewn on well. No smell to the product, and everything seemed like it was there upon inspection. Only thing I wish was that the blank was a little softer, but I don’t know what retail blanks feel like so this may be retail feel. Overall, a great, weighty, well done tee.
**Accuracy - 8/10(Black) 6/10(Purple)*\*
The colours on the black tee seem correct, but are off on the purple tee. Vibrancy just isn’t there, and the colour is very muted compared to retail. The purple has a grey tinge to it, and lacks a lot of the pop of retail. As well, on both tees the lettering on the shoulders is too thick, but much better than other batches I’ve seen. Otherwise, fit is correct and sits just like retail.
**Satisfaction - 8/10 COP!*\*
Overall, these are a very solid set of tees, and I’d recommend them to anyone looking to get into or expand on their Cav Empt collection. For slim guys like myself, the fit is very well cut and not boxy at all, and the sleeves have a great drape to them. I know I’ll be wearing these a ton, super happy with my purchase. Just wish the purple was better.
Cav Empt Nylon Cargo Pants | [W2C]
Copped in a Medium.
**Quality - 8/10*\*
The nylon feels great, and the elastic waistband sits really well. Buttons on the pockets are a bit tough to pry off, but they sit well. Waist button is tough to open, fly zipper is strong. The patch on the side of the pants is made of a very stiff rubber, and doesn’t feel like retail Cav Empt patches I’ve felt. Overall, the construction is solid.
**Accuracy - 9/10*\*
Overall, these look really, really good compared to retail. The pockets sit a bit lower than retail, but the material looks almost identical, and the colour is spot on. The patch is modelled perfectly, and I honestly am really satisfied with how they look/feel.
**Satisfaction - 8/10 COP!*\*
Overall, wish I sized down. I mismeasured myself for this pair and the length is okay, maybe a half inch off, but the width and waist is waaaaay too big. If you intend on getting these, they are a rather wide pant, so keep that in mind. Otherwise, they’re a stellar piece, and I only wish I’d properly measured myself beforehand.
Acne Studios Logo Neck Crewneck | [W2C]
Copped in a Medium
**Quality - 10/10*\*
The blank is, quite frankly, one of the best I’ve ever felt. Silky smooth interior, heavy, no scratching or loose threads. Absolutely in love with the quality of this piece. The stitching is well done, and the sweater had no smell to it upon opening. Tag is well constructed.
**Accuracy - 9/10*\*
The accuracy of the piece is awesome, but not surprising considering the relatively clean design. The blank looks a bit wide compared to retail, but otherwise the lettering is solid, tags are okay. No comparison for washtag.
**Satisfaction - 10/10 AMAZING MUST COP!*\*
Once again, buggered my measurements and came out a bit big, but the wider fit definitely makes it sit bigger than other sweaters I own. However, I feel this one will shrink in the wash, but I may try to trade it on BST for a small. Overall, nothing to say about this piece that hasn’t already been said dozens of times before; if you like the piece, it’s by far the best out there.
Rick Owens Hiking Boots | [W2C]
Copped in a size 41 (SIZED DOWN ONE).
**Quality - 8/10*\*
Construction feels super solid. The leather quality is by no means up to par with retail Rick, but way better than any mainstream retail leather (Nike, etc.) Hardware feels solid, and the sole is chunky, thick and well put together. The boots crease easily, but I feel it adds to the look. It’s a stiff shoe, for sure, so be prepared to have to break it in a bit to get them to feel comfortable. Overall, well built, but the true test will be if the hardware holds up in the long run. Laces feel just a tad too short. Otherwise, for a Rick replica that isn’t Daft these are amazing.
Edit: Bringing it down a number as it's missing the small stitch at the back of the boot by the midsole. It's a tell if you know what to look for, but nobody is gonna legit check these anyway IMO unless you try to sell them as retail.
**Accuracy - 9/10*\*
Some text is off, and the soles had a bit of unfinished rubber on them. Shape, however, is about as perfect as you’ll find, and the hardware is positioned correctly from what I can tell. LNIE really did well with this piece, genuinely impressed with the accuracy and eye for detail on this one. Well done!
**Satisfaction - 9/10 COP EM*\*
What can I say except wow! In an era of really awful Rick shoe reps, I’m really pleased to see a pair that holds up against retail quality and accuracy. Gonna be beating these up a ton and then reviewing them again, so expect a follow-up in a few months. But, if you want Rick shoes and missed out on the Daft dunks, these are a great cop for the winter season.
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Just finished a Clutch Replacement 13 XV Crosstrek and other general experiences

Hey all, Just joined to share my experience with a DIY Clutch Replacement. It's a generic generated name and a first time post for me actually.
Car is a 2013 Crosstrek - approx 135k miles, I bought it used for a good price as a general all around vehicle, and something I can put money into to make what I want without breaking the bank. Yes this is my only car and a daily driver.
It's been a great all around vehicle on and off road can't really complain except the lack of power and known limitations, and even those are imo a little overstated (she's not fast but she is capable which is more important to me)
Total time was about 10 hours the first time.
and about 6 hours the second time..(yeah twice....)
I'm fairly certain it was the original clutch but no way to tell
Current Modifications are:
1.5" lift via primitive with replacement struts and king springs (Really enjoy it makes a big difference) Went 1.5 to save the CV joints some hassle if i did it again would probably do 2" all around or 1.5 front 2" rear
Method MR502 VT-Spec 2 w/ General Grabber AT2 225/70/R15 (fairly close to stock radius so speedo isn't too far off) have been great tires not to loud, and grip good @ low pressure. (sand / wet / Snow) no mud personally yet.
-Undoubtedly the BFGK02 tire is the better option, in looks and performance but budgeting was an issue at the time of purchase.
Crawford Billet blocks (really opens up the engine a bit especially in first)Charcoal Delete as well on intake post air filter
Primitive Racing skid plates (all three) Have used for sure the rear differential plate on a few occasions and the mid, front I haven't used much yet (hopefully not honestly but mistakes happen and its good to have them take the damage)
Had some Thule aeroblade bars from another vehicle I put on top (I bought the raised rail from amazon uk (part 710400 For about 92$ usd)cheap basket from amazon,4 China brand lights on top which help a lot for going through the desert at night. (probably replacing with a bar and some spot / floods from harbor freight)
I also installed a hidden trailer hitch from Etrailer, with a 7 pin towing connecter and a brake controller. (skip to the end for towing experiences / info )
Replacement Parts were:
ACT - SB2 HDSS (also considered SB2 HDG6) for being off road clutch slippage is helpful so OEM replacement slips good while driving. I feel like i want more grip so was considering the sprung 6 puck, (granted I'm not launching my car but i enjoy the feel of a manual transmission
ACT XACT Flywheel Streelite 600705
Pilot bearing is pre pressed, and they are beautiful man let me tell you!
I had a catastrophic clutch failure driving home one night accelerating from an offramp merging onto a three lane road about 5k rpm in first gear. it locked up so clutch in and pulled over safely. was by no means in any danger just felt the pads go. After a few minutes I was able to get it in gear and hobble the two miles home safely with shuddering and clutch slippage.
Due to Covid I could not afford the dealer prices I don't know any mechanics locally(Las Vegas) I'm fairly competent mechanically I have most of the tools and was willing to invest in more to learn and be able to do it myself in the future, the only real tool missing was a transmission jack which harbor freight solved.
I have no experience with CV joints / Transmission so this was a first.
I watched a video by Racerdave on youtube and looked up the torque specs online after some digging, and when the clutch came was ready to embark on this cumbersome task.
Tools needed besides basic tools would be --T70 Torx for the transmission drain plug,a larger size (can't remember) allen driver bit for the Flywheel replacement bolts,32mm socket for the axle nut (no idea if that's what it's called)transmission jackPlastic pry bars for removing interior trim
I also have an air gun and compressor which makes it a bit easier to get a lot of things off.
I did this in a garage with a little more than room for one car.
-Make sure to clean flywheel and pressure plate so no oils are on before install
Firstly I loosened the axle nuts on the ground,Took the battery out
-jacked up the car on stands-took wheels off-Removed air intake (the big black plastic monstrosity that runs from air filter to throttle body)- Unplugged two wires passenger side (red and blue that run to tranny) ( this bracket is attached via a bolt that mates transmission to engine-Transmission ground (passenger side above firewall engine mount absorber thingy)-Starter and starter ground (need to remove two of the bolts of the bell housing that mates to the tranny to the block-Hydraulic clutch doohicky
Removed skid front and mid skid plates
-Removed exhaust-Exhaust heat shield-Drivetrain from rear diff-drivetrain support bracket-Shifter linkage-Shifter boot and forward lower console (where you throw your shit into)
-Note - I did leave the drivetrain in the transmission to not spill fluid everywhere but I did replace the fluid (which is 75w90)
- I stopped here to removed the axle nuts all the way-Disconnected brake line support bracket-Marked alignment strut bolts with a marker then removed and let it droop down (with sway bar linkage attached still) All my bushings are fairly shot so I didn't care too much about loosening them I suggest doing so to prevent premature failure if they're in good condition to prevent torsion.
-carefully pulled the cv joint out of the wheel hub on both sides-Prepare your drip catcher thing-a-ma-bob-used a taped up hand held pry bar on the cv joints going into front differential / transmission (same on manual Transmissions I guess different with CVT tranny / diff is separate)
-CAREFULLY pulled out each cv joint straight out to not damage the CV Joint oil gasket. I replaced both since I was taking the joint out already (again taped up pry bar carefully popped out, I pressed the new ones in by hand. Can use a specialty tool, I used a flat punch and pushed in by hand so it would stop flush with the edge. Also CV Gaskets are directional for each side so if you replace don't get the mixed up.
-I supported the transmission with a jack near the engine bay (not tranny jack) just a tiny bit of pressure to keep it from dropping while Unbolting the transmission support bracket (4x 14mm smaller bolts and 2x bigger ones (17mm I think)
brought tranny jack in brought it up to support then removed the other jack.-Removed the firewall engine mount bolt so the engine could move a bit.-Removed the bolts on the bell housing to engine block, and two nuts on the bottom that *guide* transmission into place (6 bolts and 2 nuts) 2 bolts are longer (one on starter and one on the bracket with the two sensors that run to transmission)-rocked the transmission out slowly (luckily mine came out fairly easy
at this point it was fairly black from the explosions of the clutch pad.
I used a breaker bar on the crank shaft pulley to prevent the engine from turning as I loosened the clutch
Removed clutch pressure plate- Be ready to catch it and the clutch disc just in case something happens, which in this case the rest of the clutch disc fell on my face (i'm glad i was wearing safety glasses because that was terrible. I'm still itching!-Removed the flywheel and the Crankshaft position sensor plate
and that was it.
Upon reassembly I didn't install the crankshaft position sensor plate because I had no clue what the hell that was I made the improper assumption if was with the stock flywheel.
needless to say I reassembled everything and the car would crank but not start. after troubleshooting to my mass confusion I decided to buy an OBD2 scanner and it flagged the CPK Sensor ( which is located under the throttle body forward of the Hydraulic clutch pusher) Bought a new sensor and nothing... sooo read a lot more and found out that the plate was uh sorta needed...
So I had to do it twice... (yeah I snuck that in there)
second time went a lot faster.... A LOT.
Needless to say, the car runs great and no issues about 100 miles in to the new clutch. Still breaking it in nicely. the ACT grabs with about 20-30% more than oem, but pedal feel / pressure is about the same.
I had my girlfriend learn to drive stick on the OEM Clutch, and had her drive the new one, She feels its actually easier to drive because it grabs and she can feel it a bit while in lower gears. she's terrible at clutch but noticed a difference (for people who want an opinion from a novice/ share cars) now it's definitely a different car after the replacement with a lighter flywheel / better clutch disc, I haven't pushed accel yet but it's a fun car to drive with the new one still. Pretty excited to get it off road again
I learned a lot by doing it and really enjoy the time learning about the vehicle and knowing how to replace parts and service the vehicle myself. It was worth the time and money spent on tools to learn for me personally.
Some other notes with the car and towing-
I built a Square drop camper on an old boat frame, so I put on off road suspension, Trailer brakes and pretty much everything except a toilet (woops) on it and tow it with the XV.
I also modified the trailer axle hub via spacers to take subaru wheels so that's nice.
The trailer weighs 2200lbs loaded. it's definitely pushing the limits of the car and its' really no wonder the clutch went (that and mileage) I am hard on the car and definitely push every little bit out of it.The only real challenging test I've had on it was to Lake Navaho near cedar city / Brian Head and drove up to Colob Reservoir to Zion. it was a fairly steep drive, and by no means was I doing 50mph up hills but The car towed fine with the weight and the trailer brakes helped on the decent.
I take it out a lot and have to say I am happy with what the Crosstrek can do. It's by no means a jeep or truck, but I've also not found myself needing more.
Towing I get about 18MPG and about 25 combined without which is really pretty nice when I park it and need a car to do some exploring or run into town.
while my clutch was out I also had a chance to tow vs a 2003 Jeep Cherokee, Jeep tows better for sure, but not in such a way I would want one, I like the mpg savings and smaller frame, (mpg was huge, jeep gets about 13mpg towing / 18 regular) Costs over time do add up.

I had about 20k to get a Car and build the trailer and this fit the budget. I could have done better with a used car and certainly would have liked the newer model with the refresh, a 6MT would be nice! The new sport looks good too! But i enjoy the barebones nature of this particular vehicle it really motivates me to get out and explore which is something no other car has really done for me. Also Boxer engines just feel good to shift through they're hearty and mechanical.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone here: and on forums that post their fixes and help others. it really provided all the info to find and do things for a bit of a novice myself.
I hope this helps someone or you've enjoyed the story!
Some pictures, sorry not sure how to. uh use this. - Clutch Damage - Old Clutch - New Clutch - XV + Trailer - Tire comparison
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100k giveaway: ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK 🍎 My go-bag of rep essentials featuring my Christian Louboutin Marchacroche boots & Rimowa Essential Cabin Lite

🔥ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK 🗽 – a Repladies Production🔥
Featuring all the items I'm packing in my 'go bag' – with mini reviews of my Christian Louboutin Marcharouche booties from TS Zippy and Rimowa Essential Cabin suitcase from Taobao. Plus bonus mod shots and a wear and tear report! 🤓
Haven't you heard? New York City is an anarchist jurisdiction. Well, damn – I knew I moved here for a reason! Although I wasn't born in NYC, I consider myself a New Yorker through and through. We have some of the best fashion, an exceptionally talented and diverse population, the world's most delicious bagels, and now, apparently, we have anarchy, too. How exciting! As I read the news each day and channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw, I can't help but wonder...will Covid spike again once the weather drops? Will my work in the fashion and entertainment industry ever return? Will non-stretch pants have a place in my life again? Will our cheeto president 'accidentally' nuke our city in the middle of a Twitter tantrum while sitting on the pot? Who knows.
Whatever the future has in store, it soothes my anxiety knowing I have a 'go bag' ready in case I need to escape, fast. Really, I hope I never actually have to leave NYC. But if I must, these are the ride-or-die reps and other accoutrements that I consider essential to my life. If I need to flee all ninja-style in the middle of the night, this is what I'm taking with me to whichever country that will let me in. Preferably somewhere where Wechat isn't banned.
Credits (I do own most of these items, so if anyone wants additional pics or a brief review, lmk and I’ll try my best 🙂):
Max Mara Manuela coat from non-TS Max
Realisation Par Naomi skirt dupe from Taobao
Rimowa Essential Cabin Lite suitcase from Taobao
Christian Marchacroche 70 Ankle Boots from TS Zippy
Cartier Panthere watch (8848 Factory) from TS Anna
Red gel nail polish (all day everyday, baby)
YSL Niki Baby bag (Orange Couch Factory) from TS Redden
Custom Saint Laurent leather jacket from non-TS Peltiano
Wechat app (the only way this is getting uninstalled is if you pry my iPhone from my cold, dead hands)
First class plane ticket to anywhere better than here (TBD after November 🤞🏽)
Cheongfun because it's my favorite food 🤤
Agent Provocateur 'Sandra' lingerie set (this is my favorite lingerie set to wear when I want to feel invincible)
Absentee voter ballot because seriously, people, VOTE!!!
M I N I R E V I E W S !
I thought I'd review two items I'd like to put in my go bag – my newest rep (Christian Louboutin boots from TS Zippy) along with one of my oldest reps (Rimowa Essential Lite Cabin suitcase from Taobao).
👢 First, the Loubs
Item: Christian Marchacroche 70 Ankle Boots Seller: TS Zippy Factory: I am not sure of the name, but you can see the factory pics here. I believe this is an established CL factory because multiple TS source from them. Price: $135USD not including shipping Auth link here. My pics here!
I wanted to take one or two mod shots but then I got all excited getting dressed in clothing that didn't consist of chocolate-stained loungewear and I kind of went to town...😬
Mod shots in one of my favorite outfits, my custom SLP leather jacket from non-TS Peltiano (seriously my most favorite purchase ever) and $5 Taobao Realisation Par skirt dupe
Mod shots with my absolutely luscious Max Mara Manuela coat from non-TS Max (recommend!)
I am always hesitant to order rep shoes because the leather quality and sizing can be so inconsistent. The factory photos looked pretty good though so one night, as I was feeling adventurous (aka tipsy) and scrolling through Wechat, I thought I'd give these a try. For reference, I wear a US size 9 and a size 40 in authentic Louboutins. I went ahead and ordered a size 40 for these reps, based on Zippy's advice and my previous experience ordering Suzi Folk booties from the same factory. The boots arrived relatively quickly (about two weeks) and luckily they were a perfect fit! My first impression off the bat is that they're gorgeous boots. They really nailed the silhouette and lug sole. The branding at the bottom is nowhere near close to auth, but then again, it's on the bottom of your shoe. I don't care about this so much.
The leather, on the other hand...sigh. This is where the boots suffer. It looks fine at the toe and heel, but around the front part of the shaft is where it's obvious the leather is of a lesser quality. It has a slight rippling. I tried to show it in my pics. It's subtle and I'm guessing most people wouldn't care or even notice this, but I work a lot with luxury leather goods, so I can be kind of a dick when it comes to QCing. Overall I think for the price, these are great shoes. Most CL reps look totally off to me. These actually look pretty close! I'm still on the fence about them (I absolutely love this style of boot, they are so comfortable!). I might still save my pennies and buy the auth 😪.
✈ Second up! A wear-and-tear review of my beloved and most used rep, my Rimowa
Item: Rimowa Essential Cabin 22-Inch Wheeled Carryon Seller: Taobao listing has gone dead :( this purchase was over a year ago and I'm trying to find the seller's Wechat info. I will update if I find it. Factory: Unknown, but I remember that multiple sellers used the same listing pics (unsure if that meant they were from the same manufacturer, or if everyone was just using each other's pics) Price: 558 Yuan, not including shipping and agent fees Auth link here. My original QC photos from the agent I used, Basetao My pics here! Please keep in mind this is after one year of HEAVY (like, up to several times a week) usage and I haven't cleaned it – be warned, it's kind of gross
So, whenever I see Rimowa suitcases reviewed or mentioned here there are usually a few people who ask how sturdy they really are. As far as I know I don't think anyone's done a wear and tear report (why does Reddit search function suck?!). Anyway, this is my third rep Rimowa suitcase, and probably my most used rep, period. The quality is absolutely on par with my authentic Rimowa suitcases (I'm a recovering auth Rimowa hoe – I used to have three, but I scaled back and I'm down to one). The purchase was a typical Taobao experience, using Basetao as my agent (easy peasy!), and I decided to go with the unknown seller I found because they were friendly and responsive over Wechat and the photos they sent me of other suitcases people ordered were closest to auth. I have absolutely beat this thing to hell and back and it still feels as reliable as the day I took it home. I use it for work almost exclusively, sometimes up to four times a week.
To review:
  • I stuff it with 20-40 pounds worth of supplies and small pieces of machinery, minimum, each time I use it. Some of it is fragile. No issues with anything getting damaged.
  • I throw it in Ubers and also on public transit several times a week, if not multiple times a day. I've been doing this for about one full year!
  • My work studio is a 5th floor walk-up, which means I have to carry this fucker up and down the stairs, fully packed, each time I use it. Yeah it sucks, but at this point I'm used to it. Plus side, my arms are really buff now (yay!).
  • Sometimes I have to surrender this suitcase to the rather heavy-handed interns and assistants I work with. It gets thrown into vans, trucks, under other suitcases, over other suitcases, etc.
  • I hate waiting for cars or the subway sometimes, so if I'm a mile or less from home I'll just walk home with this suitcase. That means rolling it over uneven sidewalks, potholes, up and down curbs, etc. The wheels still spin as smooth as buttah.
  • I also hate umbrellas and almost never use them. I've walked home in plenty of rainstorms with this suitcase rolling behind me.
  • In the before-times, pre-Covid (cry), I traveled domestically and internationally every 2-3 months. I mainly used this as a carry-on but I've also checked it twice.
HOW THE FUCK IS THIS SUITCASE NOT DEAD?! I have no idea. Maybe I just got lucky, but seriously, I treat it like shit, and it just keeps loving me back. The only 'call-out' (I'm not a huge believer in call-outs, but just trying to be thorough) is that the lock is just slightly different from auth. I don't really care. It's a beautiful suitcase that is incredibly useful and durable. Even though it's kinda filthy from being outside so much I still get compliments on it all the time. In case of a possible upcoming apocalypse, this is definitely going to be my carry-on.
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What's your favorite pry bar?

Hey guys,
Looking to add a pry bar to the collection. I'm looking for something minimalist but contemporary. I carry the Taylor Stitch brass key hook, which is my style of aesthetic. I'd like something that can comfortably fit on my key ring.
What pry bars are in your pocket?
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100K Giveaway - 💍Marry Me at the City Hall, ft the cutest Chanel Square Mini from 187 👰💐

💞Mood Board💞

If 2020 taught me anything, it is to be thankful for the little things and live in the present.
From the outset, 2020 was shaping up to be quite the year for me. In January, I started a new job that I have been aiming for, and my personal life couldn't get any better - I was engaged to marry my best friend/fiance this summer. We booked a lovely venue that would allow us to have our ceremony outdoors by a beautiful pond, and move indoors for the reception. By February, we have booked most of our vendors.
Of course, as you know, then came the global pandemic.
Due to the restrictions put in place, and the fact that our families who are overseas couldn't have made it to the wedding, we had to postpone to next year. However, we knew we still wanted to get married under the planned timeline. The celebration can come later! So when the City Hall finally reopened, we ran to City Hall and got our license. And within a month, we had a very intimate backyard ceremony with only our immediate families and closest friends present and on zoom. The entire experience felt so surreal.
So here is a Mood Board for all the engaged couples out there. It is also a nod to all the modified, micro weddings in 2020, relentless lovers, and that classic court house wedding scene from Sex and the City the movie (don't get me wrong, I still am mad at Big for not showing up at the big wedding though).
I know we are not alone. And there is a light in the midst of a postponed wedding season.
Little White Dress - Aritzia Babaton Futura Dress
Chanel Square Mini - Small Caviar, SHW (I believe the 18c collection came with this combo). Here is an Auth with GHW and Small Caviar, and SHW picture from the purse forum.
Plus a pair of white heels (the ones in the Mood Board are from the Row), accessories of your choosing, and your favourite human being on your arm :)

💫Chanel Square Mini, SHW, from 187 - Mini Review💫

Seller: TS Aaron (purchased when he was still a non-TS)
Price: 2070 + 200 in shipping = 2270 RMB; roughly 330 USD with 10% off discount
Factory: 187 - King Tier
👍The Good:
👎The Not So Good: most I already expect from previous reviews, no biggie for me
All in all, this is such a little cutie, and I love it! Maybe because this is a small bag, once I had the bag in my hand, I realized that all the QC problems we often scrutinize are so hard to notice in real life. I also had so many questions for Aaron at the time, and he was always warm and helpful - truly a saint and made the rep purchase so enjoyable.
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True Bitcoin Ownership Metrics

True Bitcoin ownership goes by a simple name in our world. Well at least if you believe in the mantra of not your keys, not your coins. It's simply referred to as the UTXO Set. The UTXO Set is the full list of the Transaction Outputs on the entire Bitcoin blockchain. These are basically how many addresses have bitcoin associated with them. Anyone running their own node can see how many UTXOs exist at anytime by looking at the UTXO Set.
Here's the incredible part: there's only 68 million UTXOs. 68 million! That means there are only a maximum of 68 million people who control the keys their bitcoin in a world of 7.5 billion! But of course we know the real amount is much lower than that when considering most exchanges have thousands if not millions of UTXOs, all the lost bitcoins, HD wallets etc.
We absolutely must prioritize the removal of our coins from all exchanges as quickly as possible. These exchanges have been invested in heavily by the banks years ago and they have their tentacles in as deep as possible and have been manipulating the USD price of bitcoin for years. They do so using other methods that have controlled other hard asset prices for decades. These manipulation tactics combine rehypothification, commingling, cash settled futures, OTC markets, along with coordinating the denial of access to exchanges when they start to lose control of the process momentarily.
Look, the banks are the competition to bitcoin. They run the world by creation of dollars which we all currently (directly or in directly) depend on as it is the world reserve currency. Every day we sell our labor and skills for dollars that they directly control the production and value of them. Meanwhile we live in a world where they have brainwashed people to believe that inflation by devaluing the currencies we sell ourselves for is a good thing! Thank God we now have a viable exit strategy with bitcoin! However the only way for the majority to pry the power away from the legacy financial system is to decide that we want to determine what the value of our time is rather than let them make us work longer and harder every year for less purchasing power.
And we can! Well that is if we accept that supply and demand truly determines value, then we must hold our Bitcoin keys individually for it to be valued for what it truly is - the world's first truly finite asset with properties that are superior to all previous SOVs before it and one that can be carried around in your brain!
This can absolutely be our peaceful revolution! One that would create a more just and civilized world for everyone. But in order to get there we have to collectively understand these few key concepts and must absolutely take the our keys out of the bankers hands! Spread the word and let the true peaceful revolution that is bitcoin truly begin to occupy Wall St!
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Living Through Cruel Persecution Has Strengthened My Faith in God(part 2)

Testimony of Faith | Living Through Cruel Persecution Has Strengthened My Faith in God
Just as I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, a passage of God’s words suddenly resounded in my mind: “On the road to Jerusalem, Jesus was in agony, as if a knife were being twisted in His heart, yet He had not the slightest intention of going back on His word; always there was a powerful force compelling Him onward to where He would be crucified” (“How to Serve in Harmony With God’s Will” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). God’s words gave me a sudden surge of strength and I thought of how the Lord Jesus had suffered on the cross: He was whipped, mocked and humiliated by the Roman soldiers and was beaten bloody. And yet He was still made to carry that heavy cross, the same one that they eventually nailed Him to alive. He hung from the cross in excruciating pain for 24 hours, until every last drop of blood in His body had been shed. What cruel torture! What unimaginable suffering! Yet the Lord Jesus endured it all in silence. Even though the pain was surely immense beyond words, the Lord Jesus willingly put Himself in Satan’s hands for the redemption of all mankind. I thought to myself: “Recently, God has incarnated for a second time and come to the atheistic country of China. Here, He has met with dangers vastly more perilous than what He faced in the Age of Grace. Ever since Almighty God appeared and began performing His work, the CCP government has used every means possible to slander, blaspheme, maniacally pursue and capture Christ, vainly hoping to tear down God’s work. The suffering that God has gone through in His two incarnations is beyond what anyone could imagine, much less endure. In comparison with what God has endured, the suffering that I face now is not even worth mentioning. What’s more, the reason why these demons are persecuting me like this today is because I am God’s follower. In reality, God is who they really hate and are trying to persecute. Given that God has endured so much suffering for us, I should have more of a conscience; I must satisfy God and bring Him comfort, even if it means my death.” In that moment, the travails of all the saints and prophets through the ages flashed through my mind: Daniel in the lion’s den, Peter hung upside down on the cross, James beheaded…. Without a single exception, these saints and prophets all stood resounding witness to God on the brink of death, and I realized that I should aim to emulate their faith, devotion and submission to God. Thus, I quietly prayed to God: “Dear God! You are innocent of sin but were crucified for our salvation. You were then incarnated in China to perform Your work, risking Your life. Your love is so great that I could never repay You. It is my greatest honor to suffer alongside You today and I am willing to stand witness to comfort Your heart. Even if Satan takes my life from me, I will never utter a single word of complaint!” With my mind focused on God’s love, the pain in my body seemed to diminish significantly. In the latter half of that night, the wicked policemen continued to torture me in shifts. Only at around 9 a.m. the following morning did they finally untie my legs and leave me hanging from the window. Both of my arms were completely numb and without feeling and my entire body was swollen. At that time, the sister I had been fulfilling duties with had been brought into the adjacent interrogation room. All of a sudden, eight or nine officers filed into my interrogation room, and a short, stout police officer entered in a huff and asked the evil policemen who were handling me: “Has she spoken yet?” “Not yet,” they replied. As soon as he heard their reply, he bounded over to me, smacked me twice across the face and yelled at me irately, “You’re still not cooperating! We know your name, and we know you’re an important leader in the church. Don’t be under the mistaken impression that we know nothing! Where did you put the money! How is your work scheduled and arranged?” Seeing me stay silent, he threatened me, saying, “If you don’t fess up, it will be even worse for you when we find out ourselves. Given your position within the church, you’ll be sentenced to twenty years in prison!” These evil police were in an utter frenzy to get their hands on church funds. Looking at their brutish features, my blood boiled with rage, and I couldn’t help but entreat God to curse them to the darkest pits of hell. Later on, they held up my bank card and asked for the name on the card and the pin number. I thought to myself, “Let them see, who cares. My family didn’t transfer much money into that account anyway. Maybe if they see, they won’t keep pestering me about church funds.” Having decided, I told them the name and pin number.
Later on, I asked to go to the bathroom and it was only then that they finally let me down. At that point, I had completely lost control of the use of my legs, so they carried me to the bathroom and stood guard outside. However, I had already lost all feeling in my hands and the commands from my brain were just not reaching them, so I just stood there leaning against the wall, utterly unable to undo my pants. When I still hadn’t come out after some time, one of the policemen kicked open the door and yelled at me with a lascivious grin, “You’re still not done?” Seeing that I couldn’t move my hands, he walked up to me and undid my pants and then refastened my pants when I was done. A group of male officers had gathered outside the bathroom making all kinds of snide comments and humiliating me with their filthy language. The injustice of these thugs and demons humiliating an innocent, twenty-something young girl like me suddenly overwhelmed me and I began to cry. It also occurred to me that, if my hands were really paralyzed and I was unable to take care of myself in the future, I would be better off dead. If I had been able to walk properly at that moment, I would have jumped out of the building and ended it right there. Just as I was at my weakest, a church hymn “I Wish to See the Day of God’s Glory” came to mind: “I’ll give my love and loyalty to God and complete my mission to glorify God. I’m determined to stand firm in testimony to God, and never give in to Satan. Oh, my head may break and blood may flow, but the mettle of God’s people can’t be lost. God’s exhortations rest on the heart, I determine to humiliate Satan the devil. Pain and hardships are predestined by God, I will endure humiliation to be faithful to Him. I will never again cause God to shed tears or worry” (Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs). God’s enlightenment and illumination once more invested me with faith and my spirit was strengthened. I thought to myself: “I can’t be fooled by Satan’s tricks and I shouldn’t end my life over something like this. They are humiliating and taunting me so that I’ll do something that would hurt and betray God. If I were to die, I’d just be falling right into their conniving plot. I can’t allow Satan’s conspiracy to succeed. Even if I really have been crippled, as long as I still have one breath left within me, I must keep on living to bear witness for God.”
When I returned to the interrogation room, I collapsed on the floor out of exhaustion. Several policemen encircled me and yelled at me, commanding me to stand back up. That short, fat officer that had smacked me across the face bounded over to me, gave me a vicious kick and accused me of faking it. At that moment, my body began to tremble, and I became short of breath and started hyperventilating. My left leg and the left side of my chest began to convulse and contract toward each other. My whole body went cold and stiff and no matter how two officers pulled and pried, they were unable to straighten me out. In my mind, I knew that God was using this pain and affliction to open up a way out for me, otherwise they would have continued to cruelly torture me. Only after seeing the precarious state I was in did those evil officers finally stop beating me. They then locked me into the tiger chair and went next door to torture my church sister, leaving two officers behind to watch me. Hearing my sister cry out over and over in blood-curdling shrieks, I wanted so badly to charge over to those demons and fight them to the death, but as things were, I was collapsed in a heap and utterly exhausted, so all I could do was pray to God and beg God to grant my sister strength and safeguard her so that she could stand witness. At the same time, I rancorously cursed that evil, wicked party that had plunged its people into the depths of suffering and asked God to punish these beasts in human form. Later on, seeing me collapsed there, seemingly on my last breath, and not wanting to have to deal with someone dying on their watch, they finally sent me to the hospital. After I arrived at the hospital, my legs and chest began convulsing and contracting toward each other again and it took several people to pry my body back into a straightened position. Both of my hands had swollen up like balloons and were covered in clotted blood. My hands were all distended with pus and they were unable to start an IV because as soon as they inserted the needle, the blood would come flowing out of the vein, perfuse the surrounding tissue and bleed from the site of injection. When the doctor saw what was happening, he said, “We’ve got to get these handcuffs off!” He also recommended to the police that I be sent to the municipal hospital for further testing, because he was worried that I had a heart condition. Those wicked police didn’t want to do anything to help me, but after that they didn’t handcuff me anymore, and I knew that God had worked through the doctor to open up a way out for me. The next day, the officer that was interrogating me wrote up a statement full of blasphemy and slander about God to be used as my verbal deposition and demanded that I sign it. When I refused to sign the statement, he became exasperated, grabbed my hand and forced me to mark my fingerprint on the statement.
Toward evening on the 9th of April, the division director and two other male police officers escorted me to the detention house. When the doctor at the detention house saw that my entire body was swollen, and that I was unable to walk, had no feeling in my arms and seemed to be hanging on by a thread, they declined to admit me, afraid that I may die there. Afterward, the division director negotiated with the detention house governor for nearly an hour and promised that if anything were to happen to me, the detention house would not be held responsible, and only then did the governor finally agree to take me into custody.
More than ten days later, over a dozen evil police were transferred from other precincts and were temporarily stationed at the detention house to interrogate me in shifts all day and night. There are set limits on the amount of time a prisoner can be interrogated, but the police said that this was a big, important case of a very serious nature, so they just wouldn’t leave me alone. Because they were afraid that, if they questioned me for too long I might, given my frail state, have some kind of health emergency, they would conclude their interrogation at around 1 a.m. and send me back to my jail cell, summoning me the following morning at daybreak. They interrogated me for about 18 hours a day, three days straight. However, no matter how they grilled me, I didn’t say a word. When they saw that their hard tactics weren’t working, they switched over to soft tactics. They began to show concern for my injuries and would buy me medicine and apply ointments to my wounds. Faced with this sudden display of “kindness,” I let down my guard, thinking: “If I just tell them something inconsequential about the church, it’ll probably be alright….” Instantly, God’s words appeared in my mind: “Do not mess it up, but get close to Me more when things befall you; be more careful and cautious in all respects to avoid offending My chastisement, and to avoid falling into Satan’s cunning schemes” (“Chapter 95” of Utterances of Christ in the Beginning in The Word Appears in the Flesh). I suddenly realized that I had fallen for Satan’s cunning plot. Weren’t these the same people who’d been torturing me just a few days ago? They could change their demeanor, but their evil nature was inalterable—once a demon, always a demon. God’s words awakened me to the fact that they were just wolves in sheep’s clothing, and that they always harbored ulterior motives. Going forward, no matter how they tempted me or grilled me, I wouldn’t say another word. Soon after, God revealed their true colors; an officer whom they called Captain Wu fiercely questioned me: “You’re a leader in the church, and yet you don’t know where the money is? If you don’t tell us, we have our ways of finding out!” An old, gaunt police officer burst into a storm of abuse, yelling, “Damnit, we give you an inch and you take a mile! If you don’t talk, we’ll send you out and hang you up again. We’ll see if you still want to be a Liu Hulan and withhold information from us then! I’ve got plenty of ways of dealing with you!” The more he spoke in this way, the more determined I was to stay silent. He finally became exasperated and walked over and shoved me, saying, “With this kind of behavior, twenty years would be a light sentence!” With that, he stormed out of the room in frustration. Afterward, an officer from the Provincial Department of Public Security in charge of affairs of national security came to question me. He made many statements attacking and resisting God and continually bragged about how experienced and knowledgeable he was, which led the other officers to lavish praise on him. Observing his smug, self-satisfied ugliness, and hearing all of his truth-perverting, rumormongering lies and false-incriminations, I felt both hate and disgust for this officer. I couldn’t even bear to look at him and so I just stared straight ahead at the wall in front of me and refuted each of his arguments in my head. His diatribe lasted the entire morning and when he was finally done, he asked me what I thought. I said impatiently: “I’m uneducated, so I don’t have a clue what you’ve been rambling on about.” Enraged, he said to the other interrogators, “There’s no hope for her. I think she’s already been godized, she’s done for!” With that he slunk off dejectedly. I was overjoyed and thanked God for leading me to overcome crisis after crisis.
In suffering through the cruel persecution of devils, I experienced the hellishness of life devoid of any human rights in this country ruled over by the evil party of the CCP. For the CCP government, believers in God are like barbs in their eyes and thorns in their sides; they used every trick in their book to punish and torture me in the vain hope of putting me to death. However, God is my staunch backup and my salvation; He rescued me from the jaws of death time and again, allowing me to experience God’s true love and to see the kindness and goodness of God’s heart. When the evil police dragged me into my jail cell in the detention house and I saw that my sister from the hosting house was there in the same cell, the sight of this loved one sent warmth surging into my heart. I knew that this was God’s orchestration and arrangement and that God’s love was looking out for me, and I knew that God had done this because, at that time, I was practically crippled⁠—my arms and hands were badly swollen and distended with pus, I had no feeling in my fingers, which were as thick as sausages and hard to the touch, I could barely move my legs and my entire body was weak and wracked with pain⁠. For six months, I almost never moved from my brick bed and was unable to take care of myself. Only after six months did I regain some movement in my hands, but I was still unable to hold things (to this day, if I try to hold a plate with one hand, the hand becomes sore, weak and numb, and if I don’t use my other hand for support, I wouldn’t be able to even hold the plate up). During that time, my sister took care of me every day—she brushed my teeth for me, cleaned my face, bathed me, combed my hair and fed me…. One month later, my sister was released, and I was informed that I had been formally arrested. After my sister was released, thinking of how I was still unable to take care of myself and having no idea how much longer I’d be locked up, I felt incredibly helpless and bleak. I couldn’t help but call out to God: “O God, I feel like a cripple—how am I supposed to go on like this? I beg You to safeguard my heart, so that I may overcome this situation.” Just as I was at my wit’s end and feeling utterly lost, God’s words guided me exceptionally clearly from within: “Have you considered that one day your God will put you in a most unfamiliar place? Can you imagine what would become of you one day when I might snatch everything from you? Would your energy on that day be as it is now? Would your faith reappear?” (“You Must Understand the Work—Do Not Follow in Confusion!” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). God’s words were like a shining beacon illuminating my heart and allowing me to understand His will. I thought to myself: “The environment I am now faced with is the one with which I am least familiar. God wants me to experience His work within this kind of environment to perfect my faith. Though my sister has left me, God certainly has not! Thinking back over the path that I have walked, God has guided me each and every step of the way! With God’s presence, there is no difficulty that cannot be overcome. With God, there is always a way out. Given how cowardly and lacking in faith I am, how can I expect to comprehend God’s wisdom and almightiness in my experiences?” I therefore prayed to God: “Dear God, I am willing to put myself entirely in Your hands and submit to Your orchestrations. No matter what situations I may face in the future, I know that You will open a way forward for me. I will submit to You and not complain any longer.” After concluding my prayer, I felt a sense of serenity and calm, but I still didn’t know what God had planned or how He would guide me. On the afternoon of the next day, the correctional officer brought in a new inmate. When she saw my situation, she began taking care of me without my even asking. In this, I saw God’s wondrousness and faithfulness; God hadn’t abandoned me—all things in heaven and on earth are in God’s hands, including the thoughts of man. If it hadn’t been for God’s orchestrations and arrangements, why would this woman whom I had never met be so nice to me? After that, I witnessed even more of God’s love. When that woman was released from the detention house, God raised up one woman after another whom I had never met to take care of me, and they handed over my care from one to another as though they were passing on a relay baton. There were even some inmates who transferred money into my account after they were released. During this time, though my body did suffer somewhat, I was able to experience the sincerity of God’s love for man firsthand. No matter what kind of situation man is cast into, God never abandons him, but serves as his constant aid. As long as man doesn’t lose faith in God, he will certainly be able to witness God’s deeds.
I was detained for one year and three months and then charged by the CCP government for “working through a xie jiao organization to obstruct the enforcement of the law” and was sentenced to three years and six months imprisonment. Following my conviction, I was transferred to the Provincial Women’s Prison to serve out my sentence. In prison, we were subject to even more inhuman treatment. We were forced to do manual labor every day and our daily workload requirements were far in excess of what anyone could reasonably complete. If we were unable to finish our work, we would be subjected to corporal punishment. Virtually all of the money earned through our labor went into the jail guards’ pockets. We were only given a few yuan each a month for a supposed living allowance. The official line that the prison used was that it was reeducating inmates through labor, but in reality, we were just their money-making machines, their unpaid servants. By all appearances, the prison’s rules for reducing inmates’ sentences seemed very humane—by meeting certain conditions, inmates could qualify for a suitable reduction of their sentence. But in truth, this was just a front and was just for appearance’s sake. In all actuality, their so-called humane system was nothing more than empty words on paper: The orders personally issued by the guards were the only real laws of the land. The prison strictly controlled annual sentence reduction totals to ensure sufficient “labor” capacity and to guarantee that the prison guards’ income would not decrease. The “sentence reduction list” was a technique employed by the prison to increase labor productivity. Of the several hundred inmates in the prison, only ten or so would make the “sentence reduction list” and so people would work themselves to the bone, engaging in intrigues against each other to earn a spot on the list. However, most of the inmates that would end up making the list were those with police connections who didn’t have to perform manual labor in the first place. Inmates had no choice but to keep their resentment about this to themselves. Some committed suicide in protest, but after the fact, the prison would just randomly make up stories to appease the families of the victims, and so their deaths were all in vain. In prison, the guards never treated us like human beings; if we wanted to talk with them, we had to squat on the ground and look up at them, and if anything wasn’t to their liking, they’d berate and insult us with foul obscenities. If high-ranking officials came to perform inspections, we were made to play along with their pretenses, as they would threaten us beforehand, saying that we had to say nice things about the prison, such as: “Our meals are delicious, the guards are always showing concern for us, we never work more than eight hours a day and entertainment is often laid on for us….” At times such as these, I would become so angry that my entire body would shake. These demons were such hypocrites: They were clearly nothing more than man-eating ghouls, but they insisted on pretending that they were the kindest and most compassionate of people. How sinister, despicable and shameless! When the three and a half long years of my sentence finally came to an end and I returned home, my family could not disguise the anguish they felt in seeing me looking like a human skeleton, so frail and depleted that I was barely recognizable, and many tears were shed. However, our hearts were full of gratitude for God. We thanked God that I was still alive and for having protected me so that I was able to emerge from that hell-on-earth in one piece.
Only after I returned home did I learn that while I was being detained, the wicked police had come twice and wantonly ransacked and searched through the house. My parents, who both believe in God, had fled their home and spent nearly two years on the run to evade capture by the government. When they finally returned home, the weeds in the courtyard had grown as high as the house itself, parts of the roof had collapsed and the whole place was a dreadful mess. The police had also gone around our village spreading lies about us: They said that I had cheated someone out of their money to the tune of a million to upward of a hundred million RMB (about 150,000-15,000,000 USD) and that my parents had cheated someone out of several hundred thousand RMB to send my little brother to college. This gang of demons was a bunch of certified professional liars, the best in the game! In fact, because my parents had fled from home, my little brother had to use scholarship money and loans to pay his tuition and finish college. What’s more, when he went away from home for work, he first had to save up for travel expenses a little at a time by selling the grain crops our family raised and picking hawthorn berries to sell. Yet those devils acted unconscionably, framing my family with false incriminations, the rumors of which still circulate to this day. Even now, I am still spurned by my village because of my reputation as a convicted political offender and scam-artist. This gang of demons that murders without blinking an eye, this devilish government which shows scant regard for human life, these underlings of Satan making false incriminations and whipping up public opinion—I despise them all! Though the devil falsely incriminates, slanders and persecutes us, this only allowed me to see more clearly the God-resisting, perverse and heaven-defying evil nature and repulsive true face of the CCP government. It further enabled me to experience God’s love and salvation. The more the devil persecutes us, the more it strengthens our resolve to follow Almighty God to the very end. If I hadn’t experienced being subjected to cruel persecution at those demons’ hands, who knows when my spirit would have awakened or when I would have come to truly despise Satan and forsake it once and for all. Thinking back over my years spent following God, I had only accepted God’s words which expose the demonic nature and essence of the CCP government on a theoretical level, but had never truly understood them. Because, from a young age, I was instilled with the tenets of “patriotic education,” which conditioned and systematically deceived me into thinking a certain way, I even thought that God’s words were an exaggeration—I just couldn’t bring myself to abandon my idolization of our country, thinking that the Communist Party was always right, that the army protected our homeland, and that the police punished and eradicated evil elements from society and safeguarded the interests of the public. Only through experiencing persecution at the hands of those demons did I come to see the true face of the CCP government; it is supremely deceptive and hypocritical and has hoodwinked the people of China and the entire world with its lies for years. It repeatedly professes to uphold “freedom of belief and democratic legal rights,” but in reality it wantonly persecutes religious belief. All it really upholds is its own tyranny, forced control and despotism. In China, those who believe in the true God have to be extremely careful, and if they let down their guard just a little, they will likely find themselves in jail. As a result, in order to avoid being captured and arrested by the police, we have to spend all of our time hiding or fleeing and we can never stay in one place for too long. Even if we’re just listening to hymns in our own houses we have to keep the volume low. Just as when we fellowship God’s word with family members, we have to keep our voices down, and when we read God’s word we have to first lock our doors shut, for fear that the police might be monitoring and eavesdropping on us and may, at any time, burst right through the door. What’s more, in China’s prisons, the more one believes in God, the more likely they are to be persecuted, bullied and scorned. By contrast, the gangsters, murderers, thieves and embezzlers often have privileged relationships with the police, and act as their hitmen and head prisoners. These facts have long ago exposed China as a country that admires and abets evil while attacking and suppressing justice. The more evil someone is, the more likely they are to receive the praises of the CCP government, whereas the more morally good someone is and the more they walk the right path, the more the CCP will suppress and persecute them. When God came to do His work and save mankind, Satan was certainly not content to let us follow God and walk the right path, so it used every method possible to obstruct and persecute me. Though my flesh has been badly injured in the course of its cruel persecution, I understand that I was meant to endure this suffering, because I am a child of Satan, its many poisons course in my veins, and I have been subject to its deception and torment all along. It is precisely because I was unable to discern Satan’s essence and cunning plots that God permitted it to persecute me, thus allowing me to understand, through my suffering, what this Chinese government that I’ve always thought of as my “savior” is really all about. This has allowed me to see the base, despicable and corrupt inside story behind its claims of “greatness, glory and rectitude.” At the same time, it has allowed me to comprehend the magnitude of God’s saving grace, which, in turn, has motivated me to diligently pursue the truth, thoroughly renounce Satan and turn my heart toward God.
During that most difficult and agonizing period in my life, God’s love was always with me even when I was weak and in pain. When I felt weak, God’s words enlightened me and gave me faith and strength, allowing me to break free from the constraints of darkness and death. When Satan hatched its conniving plots, God’s timely warnings awakened me from my befuddlement, allowing me to see through Satan’s schemes and ploys, so that I could stand witness for God. When I was being cruelly tortured by those demons to the point where I wished for death, it was God’s miraculous orchestrations that opened up a way out for me, making me appear as if I were on the brink of death and, in so doing, causing the demons to cease perpetrating their violence against me. When I was suffering, helpless and unable to take care of myself, God raised up inmate after inmate to take up the cause of attending to my daily needs for six months, as though passing the relay baton of my care from one to another, after which point I recovered some feeling in my hands and was able to do some light work. This unique experience gave me a profound sense of God’s love and kindness and allowed me to clearly see Satan’s essence as the enemy of God. With these experiences, God has bestowed upon me the most precious wealth of life, thereby strengthening my resolve to pledge my life to forsake Satan and follow God to the very end. Just as Almighty God’s word says: “Now is the time: Man has long since gathered all his strength, he has devoted all his efforts, paid every price, for this, to tear off the hideous face of this demon and allow people, who have been blinded, and have endured every manner of suffering and hardship, to rise up from their pain and turn their backs on this evil old devil” (“Work and Entry (8)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). I have now returned to the church and have once again joined the ranks of those performing their duties. I am fulfilling my duty by preaching and spreading God’s kingdom gospel, wishing only that even more people can escape Satan’s torment and receive God’s eternal salvation.
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[REVIEW] Black Classic Chanel Caviar WOC with GHW from TS Old Cobbler (NEW VERSION)

Disclosure - I received no discount or incentive to write this review.
I’m here with another Chanel WOC review! Thanks to u/jesssdaves and her review on OC’s WOC that had the new magnetic closure, I HAD to have it. The snap button closure is fine, but I did originally want the magnetic clasp version because magnets make everything easier lol. I did decide to go GHW with the caviar leather since I felt like I was baby-ing my lambskin one more and caviar is more durable. I hope this helps those who want to order this bag from OC and want another perspective! Again, I'm disclosing that I’ve never seen or touched the authentic version IRL.
Seller: TS Old Cobbler (OC)
Contact: IG - Old_Cobbler_Studio20
Price: $185 USD
Shipping: Shipping was included in the price for Fedex.
Payment Method: Paid via secret link on DHGate.
Order Timeline:
Mine: [Here]
Modshots: [Here]
Authentic: [1] [2 -credit to u/sallyngoctran for sharing her authentic WOC photos!] It's actually really hard to find photos of this newer version!
Factory Photos: [Here]
PSP: None, OC doesn’t send PSPs.
Quality - 9/10: I think the quality of this bag is pretty good and it feels really nice in my hands! I’m not sure what factory it's from (probably not 187 or God) and OC doesn’t offer multiple qualities, so I’m going to assume that this is his best. There’s no loose threads or scratches and all the hardware came protected. The zippers run BUTTERY SMOOTH and the metal pulls lay perfectly flat in place (like I actually have to put in some effort to get the pulls up) which is amazing because the leather tab zipper pulls on the old version would flop and move around. Magnetic closure is strong, but not too strong where I feel like She-Hulk trying to pry the bag open. Best of all, there was no fufu factory smell and the leather on the bag itself smells beautiful! For this price, the quality is great!
The bag and the chain also feel a little light though compared to my Non-TS Steven WOC. This doesn’t mean that’s not accurate, but I feel like both of those qualities should be a bit heavier to feel more luxurious and I noticed that straight out of the box. The leather is also a little dry IMO. (-1)
Accuracy - 8.25/10: I'm only QC'ing based on videos and the rare photos I've seen of the new magnetic clasp version, so again...please feel free to correct me or point out anything I've missed!
The Good Stuff:
The Not-So-Good Stuff:
Satisfaction - 9.5/10: Between photos/videos of the authentic, I’m happy with this bag! As for the very minor details that are off, I feel like it's still non-dockable in public, at least to the untrained far-away eye lol. But now that I have a caviar version, I feel more carefree with this bag than I did with my lambskin one and I think I'll save my lambskin baby for special occasions.
I do want to note that the package did come with a box, authenticity card, dust bag, ribbon and papers but they were not wrapped like Non-TS Steven's was when I opened it. Everything was just inside the box. Steven made me feel like I was purchasing straight from the boutique, but this is not a deal breaker for me.
Seller Communication and Service - 10/10: OC is very well known for his great products and great service and I definitely felt like I got both! He was prompt, quick to respond and friendly even with the short conversation we had. I also like that he uses DHGate as a method of payment as it made me feel much more secure and made the transaction super easy. Shipping was speedy and I'm so happy I didn't have to wait months before getting my item. I would absolutely recommend and purchase from OC again!
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This Week In KPOP - August 29, 2020

Welcome to This Week In KPOP, a collection of everything you may have missed during the past week on kpop.

August 22, 2020 - August 28, 2020


# Votes Thread Comments
1 (+5171) YouTube confirms that BTS's 'Dynamite' MV surpassed 101.1 million views in 24 hours, which makes it the most viewed video in 24 hours & the fastest video to reach 100 million views 304 comments
2 (+2605) BTS' Dynamite debuts at #1 on the global Spotify chart with over 7.77 million streams, the highest first day ever for a Korean artist and highest this year 140 comments
3 (+2338) BTS' Dynamite earns 12,638,540 total streams on Spotify in its first day, making it the largest debut on the platform of all time 144 comments
4 (+2108) Stray Kids - God's Menu M/V hits 100 million views in 70 days! 121 comments
5 (+1939) fromis_9 to make comeback on September 14 after over a year 226 comments
6 (+1538) BTS 'Dynamite' has debuted at #3 on the UK Official Singles Chart, their highest yet 35 comments
7 (+1245) BTS Jimin has donated 100 million won ($84k USD) to Jeonnam Future Education Foundation to aid students with outstanding abilities and talents in need 19 comments
8 (+1118) HyunA Postpones Comeback At Last Minute Due To Health Concerns 22 comments
9 (+1110) Oh My Girl YooA to make her solo debut in early September 93 comments
10 (+1063) BTS' "Dynamite" achieves Perfect All-Kill 99 comments
11 (+882) Weeekly's Official Fanclub Name Is "Daileee" 50 comments
12 (+885) Happy 4th Anniversary to NCT Dream! 48 comments
13 (+844) YG Entertainment Confirms That Selena Gomez Will Appear in BLACKPINK's Upcoming `Ice Cream' Music Video 82 comments
14 (+784) ITZY have taken their first win for "Not Shy" on MBC Music Show Champion (200826) 55 comments
15 (+533) Mark added to NCT DREAM's fanclub on Lysn, officially marking his return to the unit 27 comments


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Date Performances Discussion Thread Winner
20200822 Music Core Thread SSAK3
20200823 Inkigayo Thread (G)I-DLE
20200825 The Show No Broadcast. No Winner.
20200826 Show Champion Thread ITZY
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20200828 Music Bank Thread ITZY


Day Artist Album Title Type Music Video Streaming
22nd Jay Park [Vol.65] You Hee yul's Sketchbook : 40th Voice 'Sketchbook X Jay Park (Feat. KIRIN))' digital single All for You (feat. KIRIN) (orig. D.BACE) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Sojung (Ladies' Code) ISLAND digital single ISLAND Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
SUPER FIVE All Eyes on Me digital single All Eyes On Me Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
23rd BYULZZI BBIBBO BBIBBO debut digital single BBIBBO BBIBBO Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Ellie (ex-WeGirls) & HIGHEND LABEL Way Up debut digital single Way Up (feat. Olltii) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Kim Jae Hwan I'm Not Okay digital single I'm Not Okay Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
24th OH MY GIRL Tear Rain Japanese digital single Tear Rain Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
The Rose Black Rose digital single Black Rose Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
BTS Dynamite (Extended) remix album Dynamite (Acoustic Remix & EDM Remix) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
CRAVITY HIDEOUT: THE NEW DAY WE STEP INTO - SEASON 2. mini album Flame Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
JENYER / Jeon Jiyoon (ex-4minute) Bad digital single Bad (feat. KIMMUSEUM) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
The ADE Rolling digital single Rolling Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
25th KASPER Over Summer digital single Over Summer (feat. Han Yo Han) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Song Ga In Just Gamma digital single Just Gamma Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
DEMIAN YES digital single YES Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Kim Yo Han (WEi) NO MORE debut digital single No More (Prod. by Zion.T) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
26th (G)I-DLE Oh my god Japanese mini album Oh my god (Japanese ver.) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Botopass Flamingo debut single album Flamingo Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
KARD Way With Words single album GUNSHOT Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Purple Rain (JTBC SuperBand) Wanderer Fantasy full-length album Miracle Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
27th Huh Gak Without You digital single Without You (MV feat. Subin of VICTON) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
OnlyOneOf Produced by [ ], Pt. 2 single album a sOng Of ice&fire Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
28th Dua Lipa, BLACKPINK, The Blessed Madonna Club Future Nostalgia (DJ Mix) remix album Kiss and Make Up (Remix) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
K/DA ((G)I-DLE Soyeon & Miyeon, Wolftyla) THE BADDEST pre-release single THE BADDEST (feat. Bea Miller & League of Legends) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
EXO-SC iScreaM Vol.4 : 1 Billion Views Remix remix single 1 Billion Views (feat. MOON) - Mar Vista Remix Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
Fanxy Red Sanlitun Girls special single Sanlitun Girls Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
M.O.N.T Burgundy Tape single album Shadow / Moonlight Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
NTX THE OPENING: PUBLIC debut single album BLACK HOLE Apple Music / YouTube Music
Seven O'Clock HIGHWAY single album Hey There Apple Music
W24 SNP (Shining Nature Purity) digital single SNP (Shining Nature Purity) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
BLACKPINK Ice Cream pre-release single Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
BTS Dynamite (Deluxe) remix album Dynamite (Tropical Remix & Poolside Remix) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
OH MY GIRL & Keanu Silva Rocket Ride digital single Rocket Ride (feat. Mougleta) Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music
SM Classics TOWN Orchestra Our Beloved BoA #5: SM STATION SM Station remake single Tree (orig. BoA) Spotify / YouTube Music
The full chart of all releases including OSTs and indie artists can be found here or in the sidebar. The chart is updated regularly and a new one is published every month.

"This Week in KPOP" Archive

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LV Neo Noe in Coquelicot from O.C.

No discount of any kind was given for this review.

Quality - Rating/10

I'm going to rate the quality a solid 9. -.5 for the big strap being loose when it's not in cross-body mode, and -.5 for the drawstring feeling flimsy. I feel a thicker /better leather could have been used. I’m not sure what more the mods want me to add but the stamps looks good and the hardware isn’t excessively shiny nor dull, it’s fine. Already had many compliments at work this morning and I’ve only been here for 20 minutes.

Accuracy - Rating/10

ETA- Since I have to give a rating and don’t know what to rate I’m going to say a 9. I’m going strictly off the over all look of online pics, not hand held or seen in person.
The shape I’ve seen in videos is right. Stand up and when closed the to sides fold in.
Sadly I have counted the patterns in the sides and the button to see where the patterns should line up at and how many are in-between the LV’s. Everything is where it’s supposed to be.
The braided handle can be a little thicker, fatter if that makes sense. The Neo on the LV site with the braided handle looks fuller but IMO not call-outable.
The interior is red and vibrant and the inner compartment is six inches long, as it should be. The zipper is smooth. No getting stuck having to tug at it.
The bag is the correct dimensions as the authentic. The leather smells wonderful. My son said so himself.
The engraving Made in France could have been a little deeper, but if you’re in my bag like that your going to get told.
The date stamp is so deep in the inner compartment, that I didn’t care to assault the bag to try and read what it said. I really don’t care about it.
The hardware at first I thought was too warm, but looking on several different websites and YT videos, that’s how it is.
The -1 is for my uncertainty of the monogram color.
I'm a little nervous here. When I viewed this bag, I was in NYC, on vacation too hyped about purchasing my Speedy 30 DE-B on Fifth Ave. I didn't study it to know it. My concerns are the lettering coloring. Looks orangey and I'm not sure if that coloring is correct. Will expound more in the LC post.

Satisfaction - Rating/10

Over all I'm satisfied 10/10. The stitching, braided handle, the care in packaging, the feel of the canvas, the sheen of the canvas is perfect. There was a very faint fufu (as you all call it ) smell, but it was only on the dust bag. As you can see in the pics, the dust bag was in plastic, then the purse was in a separate plastic.

Seller Communication and Service - Rating/10

Solid 10. This isn't my first rodeo with OC, but I am a noobie here.
NOW while I still have you, don't leave plllllllllllllllllllluuuulease!!. I need your help in LC'ing to let me know if things are good. Even if they're not, I'll still love the bag, and if the issues are major, I have a daughter trying to pry it out my hands as I type. It's just that Covid happened so suddenly, I never made it back to the store.
Tell it to me straight, that's the ONLY way I roll 💯x10
Personal LC Assessment: Over all the purse craftsmanship is AMAZING! I went overboard with pics and videos bc I need you all to see what I see. All was done in natural light inside and out. No flash on any of the pics.
The braided leather strap is a nice work of art. I don't foresee anything coming loose or unraveling. The stitching is uniformed and tight. The alignment on the purse is darn near perfect. Nothing seems out of the ordinary to me, but as I've said, my eyes are untrained for this bag. Can't tell me nothing about the NF DE GM I purchased from OC.
Areas of concerns:
Auhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, now there's only two on my radar, well really one. I could care less about the strap being loose. My REAL concern is the color of the LV monogramming on the purse. Not sure if they're supposed to be orange or a golden tan. I'm not at all tooooooo worried, I just need and want to know. I wish a bish would try and call me out.😒 Honestly, I have yet to see a NeoNoe in this color let alone with the braided strap in my area. Truth be told, I have yet to see anyone where I live with a NeoNoe. lol. And I will be flexin with lil momma tomorrow at work. Haven't seen one there yet, so I'd take the opportunity of being the first.
IDK, I'll come back in the morning and see what you ladies have to say. Thanks a ton for riding this ride with me on my VERY first post!💕💋
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[Review] Celine nano belt bag (Marble factory from TS Linda)

*Disclosure: I was asked by Linda to write a review after telling her I loved the bag but was planning to do this anyways. She also did include a branded box for free when she shipped it if that counts (originally she did quote me ¥45 more for w box) however she did so with no benefits or incentives discussed. *
Hi everyone! I found this sub a few months back and made my first purchase back then. I’ve been meaning to finish up this review for quite a while so I’m finally taking the time to sit down and write this out 😊 just wanna help out all the wonderful people here!! I know this bag is well reviewed on this sub but thought I’d add mine to the mix anyways. Hope I’ve included some helpful stuff and let me know if there’s anything I missed/anything I can add (is this what CCW means? Lol); but also CCW !


TS Linda (via WeChat)


¥1290 for the bag and ¥245 shipping (no box; with box quoted at ¥290 shipping) = currently ~$226 USD Paid via PayPal F&F


*-Feb 29 2020: * inquired and paid immediately
*-March 1: * psps received and GL same day
*-March 2: * Linda sends me picture of box with EMS info (shipped out I assume)
*-March 9: * received
Note: I had been checking the tracking number pretty consistently and the last update was on March 3 where it said it was processed and shipped out of a facility in Guangzhou; no info after that but it arrived shortly (6 days) after



QUALITY: (8.25/10) 💕

Construction/craftsmanship: i think it’s good . Does not feel like it’s gonna fall apart, it’s definitely a quality bag that I can use for a long time (durability wise). It’s a very light bag actually, I find I can be sensitive to heavy bags but even with the skinny strap this one is comfortable crossbody. I did bring it to a park once and had a dog trample on it and it was completely fine.
Leather: soft and “pliable” enough but on the drier side for the bag, I did condition with collonil leather gel which helped a lot. The strap was so so dry and less soft (same as the “belt” straps on the bag)
Reminds me a bit of Prada saffiano leather but actually softer than that with less deep crosshatching. I think it’s not supposed to be that kind of leather tho. It’s a low sheen leather. “Grained - calfskin” is what the auth is called on the website and I think that’s a very apt description of this bag as well. Not a delicate leather. I don’t think it would show scratches unless they were truly deep (so I don’t think it scraping against smth would do much).
I’ve seen this mentioned in another review: it’s hard to adjust the length of the shoulder strap. It’s really stuck in the rectangular adjuster probably because it’s the tiniest bit too wide (maybe glazing was a lil thicker than expected) anyways I was concerned about scratching the glazing the first time I adjusted as I had to pry it with my nails to get the strap out.
I conditioned the strap which helped a lot a lot a lot with the dryness but unfortunately still hard to adjust (only tiniest bit easier) (-1 for leather dry-ness including the strap)
Glazing: thought it was pretty neat throughout; there’s a lil bit at the bottom where I think there was some excess glue. I picked at it with a needle nose tweezer and I got out the excess glue but I also disrupted some of the stitching as a bit of thread came out as well :/ there was also a little bit of messiness in the handle glazing. (-0.25 for glazing)
Stitching: actually looks very neat and straight with no loose threads (besides the one I picked out 🙄)
Hardware: feels sturdy , actually metal (im assuming). When I tap it with my nails it doesn’t sound hollow or seem flimsy. I know some people have found their magnet week on this specific bag but I thought mine was ok. I slide it over the other magnet and it will close fairly easily
Inside: no pockets but lined in soft suede, actually a huge dust magnet but I don’t think that’s a quality issue it’s just how suede is .. I think if I used a suede brush and brushed out the inside it would be lovely and dust free again. The pieces of leather (overlapping on the bottom) with the stitching look finished and neat.
Other: ok what actually bothers me so much about this bag is the squeaking... It’ll be hanging on the crook of my arm and squeaksqueaksqueak as the bag swings back and forth. You could hear me coming from down the street 😓
If you look at this picture I took of the inside. I think the squeaking is because the leather is too tight(?) or perhaps too loose(?) so the leather rubs against the metal in a squeaky fashion. Honestly this is a pet peeve for me but I had read this lil tip from another RL about how oil can help with squeaking.
So I took a syringe (the mini kind you use to fill fountain pens with) and injected like ~0.5mL of olive oil in between the leather and metal (see pink arrows in above photo). (Side note: I heard olive oil may or may not make ur bag rancid though). This actually helped a lot and now the handle only squeaks the tiniest bit when moved to its maximum range of movement.
Interesting enough this metal/leather bit does not squeak at all even though the construction seems very similar. (-0.5 since I was able to fix this issue 90% at least)

ACCURACY: (8.9/10) 💕

Measurements: (Celine website lists it at 8x8x4inches/20x20x10cm with a 3inch/8cm drop and 21inch/53cm leather strap drop)
Vertically 16.5cm to top of “sides” 18.8cm to top of flap.
Horizontally 19.7cm (outside edges of front piece of leather at very bottom) 26.5cm (widest part of bag)
Width 11.3cm (outside edges of front/back pieces of leather)
Handle drop 8.5cm
I wasn’t sure if I should include my own measurements because there’s definitely human error there. While the measurements aren’t “8x8x4” I don’t think Celine includes perfect measurements on their site either. For example this nano from the real real lists H 7” x W 10.75” x D 4” with a 3.5” handle drop (17.8cmx27.3x10.1cm and 8.9cm drop). I personally think the proportions of this bag look really right. The shape is definitely right too, if anything I think that the sides may curve in a tiny tiny bit more in auth seen here. *(-0.1 cause I can barely tell) *
I do think someone familiar touch-wise with the auth would question this bag due to the auth softening more. *(-1 cause while leather moisturizer is helping I don’t think it can like , soak all the way into the leather and make it all soft?) *I do think if you only look at the leather though it looks very much like the auth, low sheen, small even grains
Floppiness of “belt” reference videos I watched from YouTube:
- @ 3:48 (nano) @ 1:41 larger size
- @ 6:27 (mini) @ 10:38 (micro)
- @ 2:41
- @ 3:28
- @ 8:44 ish
I think that for the way the belt straps “flop” against the bag is actually decent. If you watch the videos above specifically looking for the way the belt “flops” against the bag I notice that:
  1. The larger sizes seem to have “denser” belt straps so they hit the bag with more of a slap (vs “flopping” in the air)
  2. The larger sizes seem to have belts straps that are less prone to bending (perhaps because they are heavier?)
  3. I actually think the way my bag’s belt straps “flop” rather accurately for the nano size according to the videos I watched above (I originally didn’t think it was accurate because I thought all sizes should “flop” the same way)
The hardware color is quite gold perhaps even leaning a tiny bit rose gold. I do think the brightness of the hardware is accurate to this bag. The strap holes are trapezoids, consistent with new Celine (where the leather and clasp meet). (Old Celine used curved strap holes)


I know I rated quality and accuracy relatively critically but I’m actually super happy with this purchase. I have always loved the Celine belt bag but felt it was too expensive. This was my first rep and I have to say overall I’m blown away by the quality of the reps available. I think if I get another belt bag I’d go with a taupe or grey micro from angel factory as their leather looks more supple / accurate to the auth.

SELLER: (10/10) 💕

Was content with Linda’s help! She’s super fast at responding. Think I’ve read that she should be called lightning Linda cause of the speed she responds which I 100% agree w. Found her efficient and an overall positive experience 👍
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[Review] Louis Vuitton Magnolia Bond Street MM from TS-Alice

This is a bag I've had my eye on for a while. I was going to get an auth one, but I actually couldn't find it in AUS, it's never in stock. They only had the BB size. I was still searching for it pre-loved when I found RepLadies. Even though this isn't a 1:1, I still decided to get it because I just loved the design.
This is only my second review, so ccw.
The Details

- Enquired on 4/5, Alice sent factory photos, I paid. (Not sure which factory, I didn't ask)
- PSPs sent 6/5, GL'd.
- Processed into Beijing Mail Centre 11/5
- Arrived in Australia 30/5.
- Delivered 1/6, in a ruined box, like the box had swum through the ocean all the way from China. It was re-wrapped by AusPost, but the original box basically disintegrated in my hands and smelt awfully mouldy 🤢. Not sure what happened to it, but apparently it arrived in AUS like that.
**Quality - 9/10*\*
*Disclaimer: I don't own anything in DE print to compare to, so this is just off photos.
**Accuracy - 7/10*\*
Comparison photos for the next few points
- My fake receipts were pretty funny though, my "formal receipt" said $12,000 HKD and my credit card receipt said $12,000USD, so I clearly overpaid! 😂 (jks). Obviously this isn't a real issue though lol.
**Satisfaction - 8/10*\*
**Seller Communication and Service - 9.5/10*\*
Thanks for reading :)
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What’s the ETA on A Sony PS4 repair?

So I got the RDR2 PS4 Pro bundle when it came out back in November 2018. Has played great up until recently when it started taking off 747 style while playing Horizon Zero Dawn. I took the thing apart and cleaned all the dust out (even cleaned it out of the heat sink) and there’s been really no difference in fan noise. In fact, I’d say it’s gotten even louder. It’s also given me the three beeps and “PS4 is too hot” message which is what inspired me to do the fix. Side note, the PS4 is on its side in a very well ventilated area. The real question I have is if this is worth sending to Sony to fix? Like, how long will it take 4-6 weeks? It’s already past warranty so it’s going to cost about $161 USD according to the Sony site. I could spend maybe half of that on new thermal paste, pads, and a tool set to pry it open (I need some tweezers and a spudger to make sure I don’t break the thing opening it up again.) I’m lost because I don’t want to risk breaking it trying to do the repairs myself, but I don’t want to wait until a week before ps5 releases to get it back.
Update: Replaced the thermal paste with Arctic Mx-4, and the thermal pads that are on the mother board with thermal grizzly minus pad 8, and the results are astounding. I’m playing Ghost of Tsushima right now and there is virtually no fan noise at all. The thing doesn’t make a peep. If there is anyone out there also frustrated with fan noise/overheating problems I would highly recommend doing this process yourself. It’s not too hard if you take your time. Night and day difference. And I appreciate everyone that gave me advice and shared their experiences .
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TIFU by locking myself INSIDE my hotel room.

So i’m currently backpacking through the middle east and i’m currently in Egypt. Dahab to be exact.
Being a poor backpacker i lashed out and booked the cheapest hotel i could which was about 100 EGP equally roughly 8 bucks (AUD cause thats where i’m from) which is like $6 USD so you don’t complain.
Place is fine (for $8) i get to my room and there is a massive crack in one of the small windows which is missing a big piece roughly a quarter the size of the window pane.
Fair enough shit hotel but you get what you paid for.
I was worried about bugs, but the guy showing me to my room simple grabbed a pillow and covered the window and fit perfectly, easy fix.
Now remember that for later.
When i was first shown to my room the lock was a bit fiddly and you had basically turn the key and then bang into the door with your shoulder to open the thing, not my opinion literally what the guy did when he showed me the room. Whatever 8$ room.
I leave the window on the opposite end of the room open to get a bit of airflow cause its fucking 30 degrees all day all night cause its fucking egypt, but it gets a nice breeze being by the seaside.
I go about my day and when i retire to my room getting ready for bed i put my key in, turn it, bang the door open, all sweet and the then breeze from the window i opened before shuts the door behind me after i walk in.
So i fuck around getting undressed grab my toothbrush about to hit the showers and realise i cant find my key, all good probably chucked it on somewhere in my stuff when i walked in like i usually do, turn the place upside down looking for this little bastard and its no where to be found and then i realise.
The. Fucking. Door.
That’s right, the wind blew my door shut with the key in the fucking door. Now you’re thinking no biggie dickhead open the door and you’d be right, if i wasn’t in a fucking 8 dollar hotel room in egypt.
I now discover THERE IS NO FUCKING DOOR HANDLE ON THE INSIDE. you use the key to open and close the door both ways.
Now im in panic mode, cause i cant confirm the key is in the fucking door and I cant look out the window cause the hole isnt big enough and the other windows have fly screens. So i turn the room upside down again looking for the key. Nothing.
Attempt 1:
Where the door handle is missing theres a square hole where the door handle should be so being the Mac Guyver i am i jam the butt of my wooden toothbrush (save the planet man) into the square hole and almost get it all the way before the wood is rounded and snaps in the hole. Fuck.
Attempt 2:
To confirm the key is in the door before i call for help or smash a window, i try and take a picture of the door by sticking my hand out the window with my phone. No luck.
Now in FULL PANIC MODE I look at the broken pane and realise this piece of shit ins’t even held in a frame its been cut size and is held by small nails around the edges. Fuck. Yes.
Attempt 3:
So i grab my trusty toothbrush (the only thing i had close to a tool in my arsenal) and start bending all this nails flat against the frame and because of the missing piece I’m able to pull it out with ease. Fuck. Yes.
Now i am not a portly gentleman, nor am i a rake, but this window was not made for men to climb through. But If theres a will, theres a way.
With the use of a table and the little upper body strength i possess i was able to pull my fat ass through the fucking window, getting a small blood blister on my hand while doing so.
And there is my key laughing at me in the fucking keyhole of my locked oneway door.
Needless to say i have not let it out of my sight since, and i was able to bend the nails back in place to hold the window pane again.
God bless that broken window and God bless my fucking toothbrush.
There you go reddit theres my embarrassing story of how i locked myself inside my hotel room.
TLDR; the wind blew my door shut with my key on the outside in a shitty hotel room with no handle on the inside, i use a tooth brush to pry a window out of its frame to get my key and get back into the room.
EDIT: holy shit thanks for the gold you legend. Also when i get better internet i post some photos for clarification on some things
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WTS FF Gent, Kizer Begleiter, Boker War Toad

Looking to sell a few knives. Payment via PayPal G&S and includes fees and US shipping. Please respond here and then follow-up via PM. No trades at the moment.
Kizer Begleiter with Stonewash 3.5" VG-10 blade, Brown G-10 scales. No box or papers- but kept in my knife storage case since it was opened. Only flipped a couple times but never used. No mods or scratches. Rated A since it’s factory edge and un-carried. $45 USD
Drop Ferrum Forge Gent (A) LNIB Brand new, never carried, flicked a few times because the action on it is so fun. Great little flipper but I'm making room for something that will benefit my emotional health like another knife. (SV $75--SOLD)  
Boker War Toad (C) Unique friction folder. This thing's a pocket-sized beast. Chunky and tough as nails. Plus the tang acts as a built-in pry bar when blade is close which is a cool feature. Haven't really used it all so it's still in pretty good shape. Came to me with a few scratches on the blade but is still sharp. Has belt-looped pouch but no papers or box. Rated C because it's seen some use but really is in good shape. (SV $70--SOLD)
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[US-MA] [H] Switches, Desoldered Durgod Taurus K320 TKL, GMK Stabs [W] Paypal

Hello, did a bit of closet cleaning and want to get rid of these as they were just laying around. Tried to do some modding to my old board but never got around to it.
Desoldered Durgod TKL - ~~60 40 USD, No lifted pads, did a clean job doing it. The case though, I did a botched job at painting it and just resorted to wrapping it in matte black vinyl. Will leave the top part disassembled as it's a little tricky to pry open.~~ SOLD
68x Cherry MX Tactile Grey Switches - 40 USD, got from KBDfans and it's new (16 of with are 5 pin, the rest are 3 pin) SOLD
87x Cherry MX Clear Switches - 30 USD, desoldered from the Durgod Board. Wanted to lube them but I just went on doing other projects instead. SOLD
107x C³ Tangerine Switches Rev2 - 50 USD, desoldered from a TKC1800. They are lubed with something... yep. SOLD
As for the stabs, ~~I'll just add them on whichever one, +5 USD included with either the board or switches, whichever one wants it...(1x 6.25u 5x 2u)~~
All prices have shipping included, thanks!
EDIT: I'm really sorry to those who replied first but I wasn't able to see it in time. :(
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[Review]: By Wishtrend Quad Active Boosting Essence

[Review]: By Wishtrend Quad Active Boosting Essence
By Wishtrend Quad Active Boosting Essence
As one of the more recently releases from By Wishtrend…I was super excited to give this essence a try!
This lightweight/watery essence is packed with powerhouse ingredients like Willow Bark Extract, Cornflower Extract, Lotus Leaf Extract, Fermented Honey, Propolis, and Fermented Black Tea.
Given all of the honey and tea ingredients…I was kind of bummed that there is really no scent to this product at all. I’m happy there is no added fragrance of course, but this wasn’t the honey kombucha scented dream I was hoping for LOL!
Claimed benefits of this essence include providing hydration, refreshment, and smoothing effects to the skin.
I love how quickly and evenly this product absorbs. This is something that can totally be layered a-la “7 skin method”…but I found it to provide a really nice amount of hydration with just a 1-2 layers.
The nice hydration is combined with a really nice dewy/glow-y result to the skin that I appreciated.
However, the moisture locking/nourishing result that I usually see from honey/propolis based products just wasn’t there.
Overall, this product fell more on the side of a hydrating toner vs. something more robust…and for that I’d rather stick to my actual toner and find an essence that really sets itself apart.
It feels like By Wishtrend just tried to accomplish too much with this formulation. For me, nothing really “landed” or seemed to stand out other than the decent hydration when using the Quad Active Boosting Essence.
Even the Willow Bark Extract (which acts as a mild BHA) didn’t really do anything to regulate oil/sebum or clear pores. However it may have helped achieve the glow this essence provides.
Those that want to minimize their routine may find value in this lightweight essence for it’s hydrating and slightly brightening abilities.
Also, I think combination/oily skin types will appreciate the lightweight feel from a product containing typically thick/sometimes sticky ingredients like honey and propolis.
But for me I’ll be looking back to more impactful essence products from brands like Secret Key, Missha, and Neogen for that classic “fermented brightening bomb” that I have come to love!
Full Ingredients List: Aqua(Water), Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract(10%), Centaurea Cyanus Flower Water(9%), Schisandra Chinensis Fruit Extract(9%), Morus Alba Bark Extract(8.7%), Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf Extract(8.7%), Methylpropanediol, Glycerin, Saccharomyces/Honey Ferment Filtrate, Saccharomyces/Xylinum/Black Tea Ferment, 1,2-Hexanediol, Propolis Extract(1%), Butylene Glycol, Benzyl Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Disodium EDTA, Ethylhexylglycerin
Where To Buy (Wishtrend $23.00 USD):
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[Review]: By Wishtrend Quad Active Boosting Essence

[Review]: By Wishtrend Quad Active Boosting Essence
By Wishtrend Quad Active Boosting Essence
As one of the more recently releases from By Wishtrend…I was super excited to give this essence a try!
This lightweight/watery essence is packed with powerhouse ingredients like Willow Bark Extract, Cornflower Extract, Lotus Leaf Extract, Fermented Honey, Propolis, and Fermented Black Tea.
Given all of the honey and tea ingredients…I was kind of bummed that there is really no scent to this product at all. I’m happy there is no added fragrance of course, but this wasn’t the honey kombucha scented dream I was hoping for LOL!
Claimed benefits of this essence include providing hydration, refreshment, and smoothing effects to the skin.
I love how quickly and evenly this product absorbs. This is something that can totally be layered a-la “7 skin method”…but I found it to provide a really nice amount of hydration with just a 1-2 layers.
The nice hydration is combined with a really nice dewy/glow-y result to the skin that I appreciated.
However, the moisture locking/nourishing result that I usually see from honey/propolis based products just wasn’t there.
Overall, this product fell more on the side of a hydrating toner vs. something more robust…and for that I’d rather stick to my actual toner and find an essence that really sets itself apart.
It feels like By Wishtrend just tried to accomplish too much with this formulation. For me, nothing really “landed” or seemed to stand out other than the decent hydration when using the Quad Active Boosting Essence.
Even the Willow Bark Extract (which acts as a mild BHA) didn’t really do anything to regulate oil/sebum or clear pores. However it may have helped achieve the glow this essence provides.
Those that want to minimize their routine may find value in this lightweight essence for it’s hydrating and slightly brightening abilities.
Also, I think combination/oily skin types will appreciate the lightweight feel from a product containing typically thick/sometimes sticky ingredients like honey and propolis.
But for me I’ll be looking back to more impactful essence products from brands like Secret Key, Missha, and Neogen for that classic “fermented brightening bomb” that I have come to love!
Full Ingredients List: Aqua(Water), Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract(10%), Centaurea Cyanus Flower Water(9%), Schisandra Chinensis Fruit Extract(9%), Morus Alba Bark Extract(8.7%), Nelumbo Nucifera Leaf Extract(8.7%), Methylpropanediol, Glycerin, Saccharomyces/Honey Ferment Filtrate, Saccharomyces/Xylinum/Black Tea Ferment, 1,2-Hexanediol, Propolis Extract(1%), Butylene Glycol, Benzyl Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Disodium EDTA, Ethylhexylglycerin
Where To Buy (Wishtrend $23.00 USD):
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I completely fixed my sagging mattress springs

I completely fixed my sagging mattress springs
I cut all the fabric covering the springs off with scissors and pried out the staples holding the spring unit to the wood to separate them.
I used a dremel cutting wheel to notch all the metal holding the springs together and used a tin snips to make the final cuts.
I flipped the wood part upside down so the springs would be part way inside, sorted out the best of the springs, and pried out the corner pieces of wood that previously held legs.

I used a staple gun to position the springs where I wanted them and 4 way tied the bottom of the springs for extra stability because the staple gun I have isn't very good.

After the bottom was done I 4 way tied the top of the springs. The twine used in furniture springs tying is prohibitively expensive so I used a much much cheaper twine and doubled it.

After finishing the 4 way I did the 8 way tie. I followed an instructional video on YouTube.

Once all the ties were done I stapled a padding layer (taken from the underside of an area rug) tightly on top of the springs.

I put a foam slab, about 2 inches thick (taken from an old sofa) on top of the padded springs and then stapled the batting (taken from an old futon) over the foam.

Last I stapled a moving blanket I found over the batting to finish my bed.
Things I needed to buy: twine, nails, staple gun (came with 3 types of staples)
Other things needed that I didn't need to buy: padding to put over springs, foam to make cushion layer, batting to put over foam, surface fabric layer, and the tools I already had.
Tools needed: hammer, dremel/hacksaw/bolt cutters (whatever you can use to cut the springs out of the cage), something to pry staples (screwdrivestaple pullesturdy chisel), scissors or box cutter.
Cost: under $50 USD for me, it will vary depending on what materials would need to be bought, but worth it because you should end up with a spring mattress that will last far longer than a factory made one.
Time: Due to severely limited space and time (very small one room apartment) it took me a couple weeks. If you have enough space to provide clearance to easily walk around the bed and don't have to worry about late night hammering bothering neighbors it could be a weekend project. I didn't have much clearance so I had to keep shifting the bed back and forth as I worked.
Technique: The link to the instructional YouTube video details how to set the nails and tie the twine very well, it was the only hand tied springs video I needed to watch.
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My boyfriend broke up with me last night, but we got back together in the morning; can we still be healthy?

So, this has been hands down the BEST relationship I have ever had. I don't think other people would ever be able to agree with me fully, unless they saw/heard our conversations.
This is my boyfriend's first relationship. He is a foreigner and barely spoke English when we first met, but this little bugger literally learned English for me and he is almost fluent now. He is 19 and I am 21. I'm fine with being older; he is way taller than me and he never thinks our age difference is bad. We are so much alike, it is insane. We play video games every day, on the phone 24/7, falling asleep on video, etc. Yes, we are LDR, but we should be able to see each other in July, if the virus lets us... It isn't an issue to see him at all. We have the money, time, and the whole plan; I've done LDR before and distance has never been much of an issue. We are hopeless romantics and we say nothing but lovey things. We even have a shared Google Docs journal where we write in it everyday and every single day, he writes the sweetest things about me. We have sent a couple packages to each other; he has sent me his clothes, snacks, art, love letters, jewelry, etc. And its funny because USD is worth so much more than his currency; I always send him Steam gift cards and he can literally buy so many games with just $10 USD. Also, I know this is so stupid and really not a smart thing to do, but he bought me a $500 dollar ring with our names engraved on it. He showed me the receipt and flashed it on video; I told him I didn't want to see it until we were in person. He wants to propose to me within the months that I come to visit him and honestly, I'd say yes if he does. I know he is young and dumb, but this is what I have always wanted.
It has been 5 months. We never fight. We have small disagreements and he sometimes has an issue bringing up when he isn't feeling good. I know when something is wrong and I usually make a bigger deal about it because I want to figure out how to make him happy again. I have AWFUL anxiety. I never gaslight him or try to pry into his social life, but sometimes, I'll just let him know that I feel very insecure about myself and when he doesn't tell me what is wrong, I feel like it is because of me.
We both have small issues we need to figure out, but it is NOTHING that we can't get through together and it doesn't cause our relationship to ruin. I know he loves me, more than anything; I trust him completely.
Here is what happened:
A week ago, I started having really bad tooth pain. I went to the dentist and I had pericoronitis, which prompted me to have to get my wisdom tooth out. I had to wait a couple days because my insurance wasn't active, so I was in a good amount of pain for awhile. I didn't really want to do much except sleep because of the state I was in. I felt so bad because we didn't get to do what we usually did while I was sick. So, fast forward to the day I got my surgery. I was so scared and I went alone; he stayed up with me until I got home safely, which only gave him 3 hours to sleep before class. Surgery went fine, I didn't cry or anything. When he wakes up, I am in immense pain. My pills aren't doing much and I feel so dizzy and sick. Two days after surgery; I haven't been able to eat ANYTHING. My appetite is gone and my mouth hurts so bad. I was prescribed Hydrocodone, which made me feel very woozy all the time. It was our 5 month anniversary and we are one of those dumb couples who celebrates the little things. I told him we can reschedule our festivities until I feel better. Well, he starts to act different, like he is bored of me, since we aren't able to do things. I begin to feel bad that I can't do much since of my condition, but I am also worried because I feel like he didn't really care that I was feeling so awful. I kept asking him to be patient with me and that I couldn't help being like this. So, later that night, I tried playing a video game with him, but it was too much for me. He then starts acting odd, mutes our call, and starts typing to me, saying, "You really need to learn how to make yourself happy and do things on your own. You can't rely on people, only you can fix yourself." I started getting really worried, because I didn't ask much; I just wanted him to be there while I was feeling bad. Anyway, he started hinting things like, "I don't make you happy and I am unhealthy for you. We need to break up." I PANICKED. This came out of absolutely nowhere and I had just took a Hydrocodone pill, so my nerves were shot. He didn't even want to talk through audio and I was freaking out. He was trying to explain to me that the decision was fair and I immediately stopped talking to him and broke into tears. He had never acted like this before and it hurt me so bad. Oh, I was a fucking disaster, let me tell you. After 20 minutes, I went back to talking to him and he said that things were definitely over because of the way I reacted and left him alone for awhile. I was hysterical. I don't have ANYONE but him, really. So, I called a suicide hotline; I wasn't going to kill myself, but I urgently needed someone who could talk to me. I talked to a lady for 40 minutes and then I went back to my "ex-boyfriend". I called him, begging and crying, telling him that I needed him and that I was happy with him; breaking up with me would not fix anything. He blocked me for a couple hours and I couldn't breathe. At around 5 in the morning, we start talking and he said that we can't fix things, but I beg him to stay on the phone with me so I can at least try going to sleep. He keeps saying things like, "I love you, more than anything; please don't hurt yourself and get over me blah blah blah". I didn't want to hear it; every nice sentence was accompanied by him still wanting us to be through. I was in and out of sleep, always checking the call. I woke up to the sound of the call ending and he blocked me. I was hysterical, once again, and I took a shower, crying my eyes out. I reached out to his mother and she only speaks her native language, so I had to get like 3 paragraphs of words translated to her. She read my message almost immediately, but didn't reply. I sent her another small text about 2 hours later saying something along the lines of, "Please, just let me know he is okay." She begins messaging me these crying faces and hearts and said she talked to him and that he was going to message me. His mother is honestly so loving and pure. She would constantly stand by his bedroom door and listen to our conversations, even though she didn't understand English, just because she loved hearing my voice. My boyfriend has always had issues with pushing people away and being alone and the funny thing is, both his parents knew what he had done and they heard me crying endlessly and were on MY SIDE. They talked to him for hours, saying that it was stupid to try to get rid of the only thing that made him happy and they hated how he always would rather be alone than to suffer some small inconvenience. For the next couple hours, my boyfriend bawled and begged me to forgive him. It made me feel at peace because he wasn't showing much emotion when he initially broke up with me. We cried for awhile and had a big emotional love fest and I told him that I forgave him, but I was going to be scared for awhile. Even through all this, he was begging me to stay with him because he didn't want me to leave him. We are fine and he is back to normal and as sweet as ever.
So, what I want to know is, how do you think this will affect our relationship? I know it is stupid to get back with exes, but does it even count? Were we just being drama queens (my mom sure thought so)? Do you think this will ruin us indefinitely, or can we put it in the past? I mean it when I say, I am so in love with this person and he is in love with me, too.
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[FS][US-MI] Dell Poweredge C4130

For sale I have a C4130 compute node without GPU's.
Specs: C4130: E5 2667 V3 (2 count)
8x 32gb DDR4 2133 mt/s (dual rank, 4x data width)
No drives, no raid controller
1600W 80 plus platinum psu (2 count)
Intel X520 DP 10Gb DA/SFP+ (1 count)
Service tag of original config: 1HPN382
Comes with gpu mounting hardware (stripped from Nvidia Grid K2's)
Photo Album:
Asking $1200 USD
Can ship with 2 Grid K2's, asking $100 per unit.
Edit: WOOPS wrong link!
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Tool Buying Guide For Beginner Diesel Mechanic (Medium/Heavy Duty Truck)

Since I started in the trade I've always looked online to find a good write up for what tools I'd need as a 310T (Medium/Heavy Truck Mechanic in Canada) or any other tools that would make doing certain jobs easier, which brands to buy of what tool, etc.
Some things I have noticed is that people spend a ton of money on certain "tool truck brands", they have a cluster of crap, they buy every tool there is, they buy a ridiculously expensive tool box with no tools, or they are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. So the purpose of this write up, from my years of experience of buying tools and fixing equipment, what works better than others, what to buy when you get started, which brand of which tool to buy & why.
Tool Storage So the first thing you should invest into regardless of which industry you get into whether its automotive, heavy equipment, or aviation, should be a good tool cart. I say a tool cart because they are cheaper to get started with and a good one can hold quite a bit of tools. Later on in your career you are not going to want to be pushing around a loaded triple bay Epiq with a hutch or walking across the shop for a socket. Although most car shops don't move around the shop too much as they have their own bay, but still nice to have your tools close.The two I can recommend from personal experience is the Matco Jamestown 773 & the MAC MB199UCFD.
MAC MB199UCFD - This cart is very versatile and you can grow into is which is a nice feature, its a full single bay box with a slide open top and the sides flip open,which can be used for storage like ratchets and extensions or a laptop and electrical diagnostic equipment. You can also add side drawers, or a side locker which is great for storing case or fluids, plus a list of other add ons. These are around $1800 CDN, can also find used for around $800-1200 There is also now a Macsimizer tool cart but its in the $2500 USD range, its kind of set up like the Jamestown 773.
MATCO Jamestown 773 - This is my current set up. It comes with a flip up lid and are able to customize the drawer configuration which is nice, you can plan out how you want your box to be laid out, I mounted strong magnetic tool bars to the lid and have all my ratchets, extensions, air tool chucks, scraper and odd bits on it, and it holds up well, I've recently started using a pair of small vise grips on the shock to keep the lid from flopping down while moving it around, plus there's probably close to 20lbs of additional weight on the lid. There is also pry bar and screwdriver holders along both side that are enclosed in the side of the box. I paid $2100 CDN for this cart, there is other cheaper ones and used ones for around $700-1200. The down side to this cart is there is no add ons besides a flip up end, biggest down fall for this cart. We didn't have a MAC dealer at the time I purchased this or else I would have went with MAC.
There is other options for cheaper tool carts like the US Generals and what not, but then they are not full carts and don't have the same build quality that the others have. A lot of times people buy the cheap ones and then later buy a good one, so instead of paying $1800, they paid $2200. Unless that is all you can afford at the time, then buy what you can afford. That is one thing I cannot stress enough is BUY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD from tool boxes to sockets!
I'm going to mark each TOOL with level of importance, not the BRAND. and will also make a PDF of the tool list with part numbers.
1) Bare Minimum 2) Should Have with in first year 3) Should have by time licensed 4) Being a Luxury.
Again this is from my experience as a Diesel Tech in a Dealer Environment.
YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY THE BRANDS I RECOMMEND, These are which I found work the best for me.
I am probably missing a few things, this is just off the top of my head. Open to suggestions to add to the list, as I am always looking for a new tool to help make jobs easier or faster. So any suggestions would be appreciated and I'll be sure to add them and update spreadsheet regularly.
Edited for clarity.
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Prys die Heer (Official Music Video) - YouTube Welcome to Paris-Sud University - YouTube Paris sud connexion 2 - YouTube Université Paris-Sud - YouTube 1995 - Paris Sud Minute - YouTube

Prys (USD $): USD $ 60,00: Gewig (KG): 1,00 kg-2,00 kg: Prys (USD $): USD $ 80,00 * Die prys van koste verwys na DHL / FedEx. Kontak ons asb. In verskillende lande is die uitdruklike aanklagte verskillend. Ander gestuur manier: SF Express vir Asië; Chang-woo spesiale lugdiens vir Korea, Aramexfor lande in die Midde-Ooste. Ander meer gestuur manier, kontak ons. Ons kan ook die goedere aan u ... Paris-Saclay University offers students prestigious programmes that enhance their knowledge in various scientific and economic fields, both in academic laboratories and in the socio-economic world or specific professional sectors (teaching, legal careers, health professions, services, etc.). But Pen-y-prys has more in other ways too - it has character. It's not something laid on especially for visitors but it's still great to watch the numerous and entertaining runner ducks as they're released every morning and go back inside every evening, plus the many other birds like the French hens, the geese, the cockerel, the hens and also the donkeys. And whilst there's privacy at Pen-y ... Erfahrungsbericht Erasmus 2017/19 Faculté Jean-Monnet – Université Paris-Sud, Frankreich von Marie Drengenberg I. Vorbereitungen Von der Existenz des Erasmus-Programms erfuhr ich direkt am Anfang meines Studiums an der USD omrekenen naar euro (USD/EUR)? Op vind je een overzicht van de actuele en historische koers van de Amerikaanse dollar in euro.

[index] [1350] [4823] [521] [6927] [889] [4838] [4097] [3876] [2391] [1866]

Prys die Heer (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Audio du titre "Paris Sud Minute" extrait de l'album Paris Sud Minute iTunes : Tshirts/Sweats : http://www.laboutiqueofficielle.c... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 2Pac, Ice Cube, Eazy E - Built For This feat Freddie Gibbs (NEW 2020) [HD] - Duration: 5:28. DJ Skandalous Recommended for you A short video to introduce Paris-Sud University to foreigners and non-native french students or teachers.