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Catoftheyear on ABL closure: «I think lots of players were just on the edge of quitting Artifact already and just needed a small nudge to topple off the edge»

Thanks u/cat0ftheyear for his time, thanks every single ABL volunteer and Opsy for their effort hosting hourly tournaments, building leaderboard and wonderful main events.
His lines from Discord
… a crowdfunding campaign that is only backed by me is not a crowdfunding campaign
literally none of the people who said r willing to support this in the past few weeks moved a finger
here's the wallet linked to the site, sadly all 3 contributions were test transfers i made from my previous abl winnings, nothing else:(
— Do you plan to continue hosting events/hourly tournaments in near future? Outside of ABL.
— No such plan.

— Have Opsy contacted any admins after that message in #admin_talk? Did he hint at leaving before or was it completely unexpected?
— No, was completely unexpected. After his few words in admin chat I spammed him a bit with question marks and he told me in private that it was due to valve's post about the super extra long haul with no updates in near future. And yes, that thing happened like 6 weeks prior... So either a very very delayed reaction, or he just didn’t wanna say the real reason :D

— Was there a reason behind choosing crowdfunding within BTC over, say, Patreon? For example, Weekly Artifact Tournaments chose the last one and there are currently 3 subscribers providing $8/mo.
— There are legal issues with accepting these sums of money over Patreon. With 8$ it's fine, but with hundreds it isn't. I’ll have to fill tax forms for that and things like that, pay taxes in my country which would be a huge cut, etc

— That’s reasonable. Do you think complete lack of donations was because of people’s unfamiliarity with cryptocurrency or is it because no one is actually interested?
— Probably a mix of both, considering the huge player drop after Opsy's announcement... I think lots of players were just on the edge of quitting Artifact already and just needed a small nudge to topple off the edge. But umm, regarding donations.. We were depending mostly on a few select individuals that contacted us in the week after the closure and said they would be willing to put in a few 100s of dollars for some months, so we didn't really count on people to like.. buy 5$ in BTC and donate that

— Do you think what is happening is Valve’s fault at some extend?
— Fault is an odd word in this context. The game dying is a result of their decision to not release content in the near future, obviously. TCGs don’t survive without content updates, but specifically ABL's closure is obviously not their fault. We did not expect them to fund a community project or something along those lines.. Although I saw quite a few people on Reddit who for some reason thought they might. Take hope where u find it I guess :)
I’m pretty sure that if valve intends to get Artifact back up at some point in the future, they will focus on reworking the game, not on maintaining a competitive scene for a few hundred people and no interest, right? As much as it would be nice for us, it makes no sense for the long term benefit of the game (and more importantly, let's face it.. for it to be a worthy business investment for their company)
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Roger Ver hacking incident full details + 37.6 BTC bounty terms

Fortunately we were able to respond quickly to yesterday’s incident, so the damage was mitigated to only a few of Roger’s minor online accounts, most of which he rarely even used anymore. The breach started when a few kids took advantage of hotmail’s weak password reset process and gained access to an ancient hotmail account Roger had created 15 years ago.
Roger hasn’t used hotmail for years, but unfortunately still had the old email address linked to a few of his other online accounts. Using the compromised hotmail, the hackers were able to initiate a password reset on Roger’s old Facebook account, and one of his accounts, which held a few of Roger’s domain names.
After getting into the registrar, they attempted to hijack Roger’s primary email account and domain name. Fortunately by this time, Roger had already called me over and I was running across the hotel to meet him so we could immediately start locking everything down.
During the hour or so it took to regain access and secure Roger’s accounts, I was engaged in a battle for Roger’s domain name. Whenever I changed the nameservers to my wiz technologies network, the hackers would change it back a few minutes later. Eventually I transferred the domains out of the compromised registrar account and was finally able to secure everything.
Once Roger tweeted he was putting a bounty on them, the hackers got scared and ran away. They deleted Roger’s hotmail account and gave us the password for all the other accounts they had reset. They also tried to delete the threat messages they sent to Roger over Skype, but I was able to recover the original chat logs to post online.
The important takeaway here is that because of the fact doesn’t support 2FA, the hackers almost gained access to Roger’s primary email, where they could have potentially compromised the majority of Roger’s accounts. We were lucky to have both been staying in the same hotel for the coin congress event in Singapore when the breach occurred, so we could respond quickly and stop the breach while it was in progress.
This also shows how important it is to protect your DNS infrastructure. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend moving your domains to a registrar that supports 2FA. I’m currently using simply because they were the first to support 2FA, but I’m planning to move my domains to namecheap because they not only support 2FA but they also accept bitcoin.
Roger will post the details of his bounty shortly. For now, here are the full logs and screenshots taken during the incident:
Skype with Savaged:
Skype with TGOD:
Screenshots: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 Comment: GPGTools -
iQIcBAEBCgAGBQJTgGZiAAoJEAhUYed1DBrF3BoP/AtPGjNzjlh+wCSZFn5gG7vz zggLJZvK9fSplCnPcRrsrA4mLMIMuUmkzZH+mWCesasJZMPc1T04IgQzG99pOXFM njcKLuinJKeNenITPJ1LKbH5CUhLIGZDQHM0aHkNi5a7O27fRton+A1EAAO+urPL uhM0Of9CiOFkRuHLEClikRrLwzI5iS51tkhfmb5oUVTkbzhv8mvtFB471dBE1Tk3 tmBJ+YHAfT69m+oYQqyDg6qZVHUBb8kJj4srXHJFqjHyCcDAhbXKlLBUoQcRt5DW Jf6WegHd3lUIo6oMoilOJOCCPd9mInhSE5JpRQuxCm77yD2uy86Vjif8PXtY/xjP vBbtN9Zhw9LSlfSF6+yW9S1ohYNSFUQuYxZx0Z5m6KyWLUrR1jLt6KMmIQ2PO9KB ao1zukIkC2r3lm1W/nzFL8mEwdaXEOL5AIDoimkMdiuD9n2TgZEqAMdYPTGnmSsR E2ClGke1oDgPU1DUhH+cRAtoh8ujSf6Iwq4ur2Ve3WgtZ+GZzQwYDuE4S8aP1cln +NIRhRFmoDs2Zl0OW1oa3USzOpsiYWpBiuYM5ia1owjKEZKMRUobImtSEcFvbzca k5UGt2ZwXtFqMPvXk9QZOlN+2S1S2VsaEHAqmLQWJ5Rs6T8/5+EmykLICLCR3IJw tGQULkAWlvQnynz4o5aw =VIW5 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
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Mempelajari Aturan Dasar - Pengetahuan tentang Poker - aplikasi poker online

Poker dapat dianggap sebagai permainan kartu Amerika tertua dan paling populer di seluruh dunia. Meskipun asal poker tidak jelas, satu hal yang pasti, ribuan orang bermain poker setiap hari, baik on-online atau off-line. Poker dimulai sebagai satu permainan tetapi selama bertahun-tahun permainan poker telah merevolusi dalam berbagai cara. Poker telah mengalami perubahan besar dan kecil.
Namun, tidak ada perubahan yang dapat dibandingkan dengan prestasi terbesar apa yang mungkin diraih, yang menyatu dengan internet. Sekarang, ada puluhan versi poker untuk dipilih. Jika Anda seorang pemain poker pemula mungkin tampak agak luar biasa, tetapi jangan menyerah, poker adalah permainan menyenangkan yang layak untuk dimainkan. Artikel ini akan membantu Anda mempelajari apa yang perlu Anda ketahui sebelum memulai permainan poker pertama Anda.
Jika Anda akan bermain poker secara off-line, Anda akan membutuhkan empat kartu dua puluh lima kartu. (Kadang-kadang Anda perlu menambah atau mengurangi jumlah kartu di dek, tergantung pada gaya poker Anda akan bermain) Jika Anda akan bermain poker online, Anda tidak perlu khawatir tentang hal ini, karena Anda akan disediakan dengan dek yang Anda butuhkan sesuai dengan jenis poker yang Anda mainkan. Beberapa permainan poker online paling populer adalah Texas hold'em, draw lima kartu, stud tujuh kartu, Razz, Omaha high, Chinese poker, nanas gila, deuce-to-seven, dan double-flop Texas hold'em.
Sekarang Anda tahu beberapa gaya poker, saya akan memberi tahu Anda sepuluh tangan poker paling penting, diatur dari yang terbaik hingga terburuk. (Saya akan memberi Anda surai dan angka / huruf yang membuat tangan poker lima kartu.) Royal straight flush adalah ketika Anda memiliki sepuluh, J, Q, K, dan A. Straight flush adalah ketika Anda memiliki lima kartu dengan setelan yang sama seperti empat, lima, enam, tujuh, dan delapan hati. Empat jenis adalah ketika Anda memiliki empat kartu yang sama seperti empat, empat, empat, empat, dan delapan. Full house adalah ketika Anda memiliki satu set tiga kartu ditambah sepasang,
seperti sepuluh, sepuluh, sepuluh, tiga, dan tiga. Siram adalah ketika Anda memiliki lima kartu dengan jenis yang sama tetapi tidak dalam urutan, seperti empat, tujuh, delapan, J, dan K sekop. Lurus adalah ketika Anda memiliki lima kartu di tetapi pesanan yang tidak dari setelan yang sama, seperti tiga, empat, lima, enam, dan tujuh. Tiga jenis adalah ketika Anda memiliki tiga kartu berulang, seperti Q, Q, Q, J, dan enam. Dua pasangan adalah ketika Anda memiliki dua pasang kartu dengan nomor / huruf yang sama, seperti sembilan, sembilan, K, K, dan tujuh. Satu pasang adalah ketika dua kartu sama seperti Q, Q, K, J dan tujuh. Kartu tinggi adalah ketika Anda memiliki kartu tertinggi di posisi Anda; ini hanya terjadi jika tidak ada pemain yang memiliki tangan yang disebutkan.
Hal lain yang perlu Anda ketahui sebagai pemula adalah bagaimana menempatkan tawaran. Ini berarti Anda perlu mengetahui opsi tempat tidur Anda, cara memulai tawaran, struktur taruhan, dan syarat-syarat penawaran.
Meskipun ada banyak variasi poker, semua variasi, lebih sedikit, tidak memiliki aturan yang sama. Mengapa? Tujuan dari poker adalah untuk membangun lima kartu terbaik di antara semua pemain lainnya. Bisakah Anda melihat logika dalam hal ini?

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Random Shit 68: Why Modern Feminism is Complete Bullshit: The Ultimate Facts Sheet. [By Eclectic Crafter]

Eclectic Crafter's great 300+ links Works Cited page showing all the times modern feminism has been full of lies, hatred, misinformation, and general awfulness. Read the full thing using the link below.


  8. LINKCEPTION (other bunch of sources)
  10. LGBT+

1) Most Human Traffic Perpetrators are Women, not men:
2) Marine corps proves men are objectively better soldiers:
3) Both men and women are ‘graded’ in school based on looks, men have it worse (contrary to feminist belief)
4) Men stronger than women on average:
5) Porn users treat women better:
6) Women wanted 2:1 in STEM fields
7) Men use logic more due to wiring of the brain:
8) Men are less likely to KNOW emotions, not have them:
9) Missing people by age, race, sex:
10) Bad things are happening less:
11) Marriage is lowering:
12) Women control households more than men:
13) Women taking children more when single:
15) And women usually spend more of the money:
16) Male victims, and their Perpetrators:
17) Rape stats (1 in 6 wrong)
18) Who are being parents:
19) Males Attacked More Than Women/ Safer world
20) Fighting back causes less crime
21) Domestic violence:
  1. Men are guilty until proven innocent:
23) Murder statistics for UK/US:
24) Men are twice as likely to be homeless:
25) Women live longer:
26) List of movies for bechdel test. More pass than not:
1) Court bias against men is at least 6 times bigger than racial bias:
2) Blacks on SNAP (food stamps) more:
3) Race on Race violence
4) Blacks have a higher chance to go to jail during their life:
5) Blacks have lower income, but less poverty stricken
6) Irish worth less than blacks, treated worse:
7) Whites being enslaved:
1) Wage gap:
2) Wage gap legality:
1) Discrimination against males:
2) Men make up 97% of combat fatalities
3) Men pay 97% of alimony
4) Men make up 94% of workplace suicides
5) Men make up 93% of workplace fatalities
6) Men lose custody in 84% of divorce cases
7) 89% of men will be the victim of at least one violent crime
8) 77% of homocides are men
9) Men are over twice as victimized by strangers than women
10) Men are 165% more likely to be convicted of a crime than women
11) Men get 63% longer sentences than woman for the same crime
12) 60-80% of the homeless are men
13) Women's cancers receive 15X more funding than men
14) At least 10% of fathers are victims of paternity fraud
15) Women tend to choose careers that pay less than men
16) Women killing more kids, mainly male
17) Logic and truth are considered abuse:
18) By the way, men ARE shamed for not having children:
19) Women are liked more than males on Fathers day
20) Men commit suicide 4 times more than women:
21) Vast majority (92%) of workplace fatalities are men:
22) Selective Service sources:
21) Unfair health departments:
22) Boys in education:
23) Feminists fighting against equal custody:
24) Story on reproductive rights:
25) Rape charge anonymity pledge dropped:
26) Mens shelter owner suicide due to lack of funding:
27) Changing of rape laws to favour female predators:
28) Domestic Violence Programs Discriminate Against Victims Who Are Male:
29) Suppressing certain portions of domestic violence:
30) Feminists petition government to give money to women, whilst men suffered most during recession:
31) Manspreading:
32) Feminists complaining against the "sexism" of helping men who had lost jobs, rather than women who had gained jobs:
33) Men being sexually harassed more:
1) Feminism makes women scared:
2) Belittles, encourages more rape of females:
3) Hypocrisy with female perpetrators:
4) Feminists want women to be treated differently than men:
5) Further reading for the 2% false rape claim (being false):
1) Why reproductive rights are a mess summed up by a Reddit user:
2) Majority believe in equality:
3) Feminists like to see white people cry and be harmed:
4) Things that are racist or sexist to feminists:
  1. Photos/Light/The sun -
  2. Barbeques -
  3. Art by Whites (art in general) -
  4. Being White: Merit:
  5. BDSM:
  6. Not being a drug addict:
  7. Air conditioners:
  8. Science:
  9. Seriously, Science:
  10. Stem is sexist -
  11. Peer review is sexist -
  12. Mars colonies are sexist -
  13. Meritocracy -
  14. History -
  15. Chivalry -
  16. War -
  17. Sexist anthems -
  18. Sexist money -
  19. Sexist attitudes -
  20. Rape culture -
  21. Monogamy -
  22. Fatherhood -
  23. Judaism -
  24. Christianity -
  25. The Church -
  26. The Dalai Lama -
  27. Not Islam, though -
  28. Sexist words -
  29. Sexist Books -
  30. Art is sexist -
  31. Video games are sexist -
  32. Magic the Gathering -
  33. Toys -
  34. Chess is sexist -
  35. Women's football -
  36. Boxing -
  37. Head injuries are sexist -
  38. Car crashes -
  39. HIV -
  40. Climate change -
  41. The police -
  42. The beer industry -
  43. Laundry is sexist -
  44. Air conditioning -
  45. Seagulls - -tactics-steal-lunch.html
  46. Tesco manual checkouts -
  47. Miss Universe -
  48. Hot guys -
  49. Feminist Fantasies -
  50. Hugging -
  51. A shirt -
  52. Wearing a tie -
  53. Dress codes -
  54. Poverty -
  55. Criticism of Hillary Clinton -
  56. Barack Obama -
  57. Obamacare -
  58. Barclays Bank -
  59. Clickbait -
  60. Hollywood -
  61. TV -
  62. The Scottish legal system -
  63. Society -
  64. Life Expectancy -
  65. Rioting -
  66. Not rioting -
  67. The Bechdel Test -
  68. Feminism -
  69. Equal rights for men -
1) One:
2) Two:
3) Three:
4) Four:
5) Five:
6) Six:
7) Seven:
8) Eight:
9) Nine:
1) One:
2) Two:
3) Three:
4) Four:
5) Five:
9. Prison Rape stats
1) One:
2) Two:
3) Three:
4) Four:
5) Five:
6) Six:
10. LGBT+
11. ETC. Order Fixing
1) The Top Five Feminist Myths of All Time:
2) Does sex equal consent to parenthood:
3) Feminists saying the 1 in 4 (1 in 5, 1 in 6) rape myth:
4) FBI's section about forcible rape:
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My Keybase proof [reddit:MightyYuka = keybase:yu] (jztBNQJpmPbNo-9XDm6uKFsHoEJLnAhP81ymop6oRRA)

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:
To claim this, I am signing this object:
{ "body": { "key": { "eldest_kid": "0101f1ee4c303127faa5645dde91084d8630b48c9e4cfbd9929b1ebf956e2f3a47fc0a", "fingerprint": "55cdd0001fe5c7d93a07be5cad87faf3f2ca94a1", "host": "", "key_id": "ad87faf3f2ca94a1", "kid": "0101f1ee4c303127faa5645dde91084d8630b48c9e4cfbd9929b1ebf956e2f3a47fc0a", "uid": "5109f6dc636d70687d8b270014344819", "username": "yu" }, "service": { "name": "reddit", "username": "MightyYuka" }, "type": "web_service_binding", "version": 1 }, "ctime": 1454807131, "expire_in": 157680000, "prev": "25cfe9c5a3f75069a401d48e11c07964e57a15d293b0f772daecfb1fa6865a2c", "seqno": 4, "tag": "signature" } 
with the key from above, yielding:
-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- Version: Keybase OpenPGP v2.0.49 Comment: yMIdAnicrVJbSBRRGN7tSttNinoQ0RopKjY7Z+6zdNE0uqqFadqF5cycM7vjZXab 2V3bzCLoBkV0IRIR6cGNDKK30nrYtEgqKkNCSkLqoRuRlSUqaZ0Rewh67Omc/+P7 vvOdj//ezIkuj/vRrNR9/W+Hr7sftZ2Mukpu1O2qYdQQjjO+GqaCjB2kEhM74q8w MONjAARQh4TwGgc4yEo6QoLICxgTBQKZx7LIAZWXNYUydBUrCquokKi6IoiE1TnE S7oGEONldMMMECtsGWaE2gqChjEA1JsImoQVDgFJpVeEZfqEzumshhQeQSoMhmxH QcOpyCZZRohidPCPxfsH/z/njo7ZCRAouog1kROxBERZwrLKSjQ/z/G8DBWHaBPL RFWEsuNRptbL0DlmaMSpdBy3CMZG5G9uvhEIRuJl0QrkaCLxsANWE9U/Lverholp d1QVI5ZthEzGBylTixiOHvICLwMJctDLkH1hwyJ+w2EIkijTfoGXCVskRi1ZQdOJ ogmI0yUBiAriAcS8TCDUgKSIPBEkBAXMKpwKdEliMSK0GKgjURYFxGqM86G9Zojx 8TQmClBL2wiYKBK1CFPbfmf3JJfb45oyeYKzUy7PtJQ/m5Yomjq6fNvS/KILyY8/ LjUPvW6dsOXwsVT74QpcVpms75ubiCZagjl9yTcbz/f2rD1bnfble6h0u665F37q inhiL8Jf3/taCk8PJj5ueLZszuIrd7vyRt51F5eszAsMp7UVnli1syE8nNGcYjXc LF0y2Jp9/7g6JB62y5Pbgmn3BgoyqjLP7Wi6Pcduso7Kebfg59zrnTutxwPy00Nf o6PtuCO+tW79y2mZR55sXkdyA0frsp8c8HU0rjY7Lmfv/5a/KNd90vRm9n462Plz 04LYnqH1pz5cm37xXV/61TWNsHxGQVZRI6if0qnOzzgzfOPsiD+ne/YrT+qDnufn fs0rbt3YPyt9IP033nNDYQ== =4Rgx -----END PGP MESSAGE----- 
Finally, I am proving my reddit account by posting it in /KeybaseProofs
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OOPS, DIDN'T MEAN TO POST THIS.. /r/OopsDidntMeanTo/ #5 ... Wardrobe Malfunctions That Ended Up In The TV Show - YouTube ForeverAerith101 - YouTube oopsie.mp4 - YouTube Jortt: overige opties

a very repetitive mistake that gradually gets worse when a person is under a lot of stress. Wednesday, October 5, 2016. Handel - Binêre - Opsies Ru Отзывы FBI raids former Trump campaign manager Manafort's home: Washington Post WASHINGTON (Reuters) - FBI agents seized documents and other materials from the suburban Virginia home of Paul Manafort, U.S. President Donald Trump's former campaign manager, during a predawn raid as part of a special counsel's investigation into possible Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, The Washington ... Opsies word dikwels geklassifiseer as ingewikkelde, riskante beleggings, en dit bring baie aspirant-daghandelaars af. Daar is egter net twee hoofklasse opsies. Put – Met hierdie verkoopopsies kan u ‘n aandeel teen ‘n spesifieke prys verkoop. Bel – Met hierdie koopopsies kan u ‘n voorraad teen ‘n spesifieke prys koop. Afgesien van die twee hoofklasse, is daar ‘n lang lys ... Hoe om binêre opsies te verstaan. A binêre opsie, soms digitale opsie genoem is `n tipe van opsie waar die handelaar neem `n ja posisie of geen van die prys van `n voorraad of ander bate, soos onderhandelbaar fondse in die mark of valuta, en Die gevolglike betaling is alles of niks. As gevolg van hierdie funksie, kan binêre opsies makliker wees om te verstaan en te handel as tradisionele ...

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OOPS, DIDN'T MEAN TO POST THIS.. /r/OopsDidntMeanTo/ #5 ...

Als je zzp’er bent of een klein bedrijf hebt, hoef je geen dure boekhoudsoftware aan te schaffen. Online zijn er voldoende gratis of betaalbare mogelijkheden. Zo kun je bijvoorbeeld gebruikmaken ... If you're new, Subscribe! → Both scripted TV shows and televised events are huge, costly endeavors with many moving pa... Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman, always be Batman. ---Gillian/Jikitatakikato ♀ ---21st November ♏ AD World-Wide EVO15-S Giveaway: ORIGIN PC has also entered the Intel Rig Challenge - you can vote for them for a chance t... The GOAL! (Rated MC for Mature Content) Is to make you laugh and have a good time! So watch my dumb videos . . . thank you. Working towards working along sid...